Essential Rules of Basic Photography Brandon catete

Leading Lines

Use architectural lines such as walls, fences, roads, or any lines to lead the eye through the photograph and draw attention toward the main subject.

The direction of attention are objects that are perpendicular. No area is exposed only the object along the line. The main focus is the object along the lines. The depth of field for the picture of the camera us deep but the rest of them are shallow. The lighting is great and really enhances the objects. The color really brings out the image, it would have looked bad in black and white in my opinion.

Rule of Thirds

Frame your image with the subject off center it’s more pleasing to the eye and appears more natural than placing the subject in the center.

The direction of attention is on the edge of the pictures. The second picture the part of the bus is exposed but other than that everything is fine. The main focus is on the object on the edge of the picture. The depth of field is deep. The lighting is great and enhances the object. Color is a big factor in these pictures because it really makes the object stand out.


Declutter the background, zoom in tight to eliminate background “distractions”, or change your angle so your subject remains the focus of the image.


Create a sense of movement by adding active space (the area your subject is facing) and eliminating dead space (the area behind your subject).

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