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2017 Grammy-Consideration, Derek "D-Linz" Linzy is a professional record producer, musician and performer. A versatile and multi-talented musician, Derek prides himself on being able to put his clients at ease when he works with them. He takes the time to really listen to what they want and understand their needs. This approach allows him to easily create magic for his clients who are wowed by his extraordinary musicality. Derek loves to produce music, and often he will effortlessly create a new song on the spot using either live instruments, computers or both.

Derek has worked with many great artists, such as Prince, The Rickey Smiley Show and many others. He readily points to his experience as an Audio Engineer at Prince's Paisley Park for helping to hone his skills. "I learned a lot working with Prince - he seemed to be able to teach without really teaching you. Being around such a musical genius in their element, and dealing with the constant pressure and demands of making his recordings sound great, always seemed to elevate my game on so many levels professionally.” Derek's heart is in R&B, but he is ready to turn his musical ear to nearly any genre of music. He is excited about having the opportunity to compose music for upcoming film and television opportunities and will make that his focus for the immediate future.

Derek launched a Beat Site a few years ago. What started out as just a joke on a hot Summer night in Minneapolis, ended up becoming a success. "My Cuzzin makes Beats" (http://mcmb.soundgine.com), had a simple purpose - to allow artists an opportunity to get affordable, quick and painless access to instrumentals that they could use for Demos, Albums, Film, Mix-Tapes or other Multimedia. Derek changed the game when he uploaded some of his best work, completely unrestricted and without adding "throwaway tracks" as fillers. He made sure that some of his hottest tracks were available to the masses and now artists regularly lease material and purchase tracks from the site. Check it out, share the link, enjoy the magic!

When he's not recording, Derek enjoys teaching. He visits local community schools and shares his knowledge with the youth as well as regularly sharing industry tips to his followers and fans on YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Contact: Manager: Sandra Lewis-Glass, SLG Media Productions | 404-454-5018 | slewisg@gmail.com | Derek Linzy DLNZ Productions | dlnzproductions@gmail.com

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