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The Problems With Common Core

By: Sean Lux

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, or simply Common Core, is a nationwide set of academic standards that outline what students from kindergarten through twelfth grade should know, and seeks to establish consistent standards across the U.S. as well as ensure that high school graduates are prepared to attend college or enter the workforce.

A 2004 report by the American Diploma Project found that employers and colleges were demanding more out of high school graduates than ever before. 53% of college students at that time were found to be taking remedial courses in either English or math, leading to doubts about schools providing the necessary skills. United States test scores had been declining for several years during the 2000s, prompting more action on developing standards. In 2009, the National Governors Association convened a group of people to set standards, and Common Core was born. It was thereafter adopted by 46 states. Since its implementation across the nation, Common Core has provoked the praise and ire of many. Its establishment of equal standards for nearly every demographic has had varied successes and failures, though the failures may be more significant. Four states have repealed from CC since its establishment, and at least 12 have introduced legislation to repeal it.

We will now outline several issues with Common Core.

Common Core is widely associated with the phrase “One size fits all,” as its standards are perceived as being equally applicable to all students across the nation. The problem with this treatment is that the United States is very diverse. The southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, etc.), for example, is very Mexicanized, and therefore has schoolchildren who don’t even speak English. The country has many sprawling urban centers; with more kids making up classes, there should be a greater emphasis on focus. City schools also have a more diverse group of students, especially when it comes to those in high or low income families. Lower-income students have limited access to educational tools which enable them to succeed in a CC environment The growing disparities in personal wealth and family structure are also making it more difficult to ascertain whether a student can reach their full potential.

Thanks to federally mandated exams (such as the New York State Test), facets of school curriculums under Common Core are designed specifically around the test. This brings the focus more on student performance than on student growth, as was the original intent of Common Core. School districts that don’t perform well on the test may receive less funding; this leads to schools focusing more on the tests than the students.

Another issue with the Common Core standards is that there is no emphasis on memorization; facts are merely to be learned at one time and repeated until the day of the test, after which it is largely forgotten. As a St. Al’s student (Common Core-like but not strictly) from K-8, I can recall memorization playing a major role in our enrichment. For instance, my middle school English teacher would give us a list of ten “big” words every Monday, and we were expected to define all of them and study the meanings throughout the week. The words were never mentioned again until Friday, when we were quizzed on their definitions. Studying the words always guaranteed a passing grade, and some terms were reused in future quizzes to enhance our usage of them. In public high school, the lack of memorization skills seems to be taking a toll on the students who have been through it all their lives.

In a similar vein, the rigidity of the curriculum leaves little room for students to branch out from the known topics and formulate questions of their own. They grow accustomed to relearning things year after year (especially in math or history) and never fully memorizing them. The boredom eventually gets to the students and makes them resent school.

While I can understand the reasoning behind Common Core, one of its ultimate goals was to advance national test scores, which seems to have failed, according to recent data, despite the commitment to tests which Common Core has caused. There is little to no evidence that suggests it is beneficial as a one-size-fits-all program, and students are becoming disillusioned by the teaching style it brought with it.

Brazil’s Uncontacted Tribes

By Trevor Maracle

In today’s world of technology, it is hard to believe that there are some people who still live a tribal lifestyle, untouched by the outside world. These people exist, and are known as uncontacted people. Several tribes of uncontacted people live in Africa, another in the Bay of Bengal, and several more in Brazil. The indigenous people of Brazil are protected by laws set by the Brazillian government. These people, untouched by the world, live in a very frail environment. Their bodies do not contain immunity to diseases like people in the modern world. Their lifestyle is primitive and the people of these tribes would not last in the modern world. These protections were put in place for that reason, but the Brazillian president wants to change that.

Jair Bolsonaro took office in January of 2019. He does not hide his dislike for the indigenous people of Brazil. He has complained that the indigenous people do not contribute to society and should not have as much land as they do. In 2018, he stated, “If I become President there will not be a centimeter more of indigenous land.” The land that was once heavily protected is now being invaded by poachers who wish to steal from the natives’ land. Bolsonaro does not care for the indigenous people, and he has allowed this to happen. If he had it his way, there would be no land for the natives.

This presents a dangerous situation. Some uncontacted tribes respond with violence to poachers and foreigners, such as the North Sentinelese in the Bay of Bengal. It is unknown if the uncontacted people of Brazil will respond with violence as well. Any peace that was made could be threatened. It creates danger for the natives and danger for anyone who tries to steal from this land. President Bolsonaro should act before something terrible happens.

General Motors Strikes Ended

By Aedan Smith

On September 16th, workers for General Motors began the largest strike on a US business since the last General Motors strike which was 12 years ago. However, the difference is that the last strike lasted for only 3 days this one lasted for a total of 40 days. A deal was reached on October 16th however, and workers stayed in the picket line until the deal was ratified. With this walkout GM had lost 4 billion dollars worth of profits which multiple professionals say that they will never be able to make up. This loss, though bad, wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This is because GM has car lots that hold their extra cars that are able to be shipped. GM used cars in these lots to satisfy the demands of dealerships that they supplied to. The problem that they ran into was that they had a finite number of vehicles, so they decrease their shipment sizes.

The deal that GM and the union agreed on was more of a draw than a win for the union. The major section of the deal was that workers hired after 2007, when GM was in financial troubles, were given the same wages as the employees before hand. This was a big deal because those employed after 2007 we're only making about half of the hourly wage as the veteran employees. Another benefit of the deal for the workers is that they get an $11,000 bonus to make up for the loss in wages for the strike. The downside to the deal is that three factories are going to be closing, one of which being the highly debated on Lordstown, Ohio plant.

California Wildfires

By Jesse Fisher

On October 28th, wildfires had spread throughout Northern and Southern California during the night. The officials working on the scene had stated that they had monitored the “whipping winds”, which had the power to give the fires more life, and this would only complicate their efforts to put out the fires. The weather conditions, such as drought, and strong winds, had created large areas with high risk of wildfires that could be dangerous and could affect many people. In Southern California, it has many officials nervous because a National Weather Service in Oxnard, California had issued an “extreme red flag” warning within the L.A. area. An extreme red flag warning means that the conditions for fire growth and behavior are extremely dangerous due to a combination of strong winds, low humidity, long duration, and very dry fuels.

As a result of these wildfires, mandatory evacuations have been issued for a fire in Ventura County. Some places where the evacuations had taken place were the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley, and Moorpark. Deputies had knocked on doors and escorted people living in these areas to safety. Along with evacuations, there had even been schools taking action. There had been many school districts closed in Sonoma County along with counties around it. The parents have been the ones trying to entertain their children whilst there have been power outages and evacuations.

The strong winds that have occurred had been called “Diablo” winds and have been expected to reach 70+ mph winds, but for the most part have consistently stayed at 50 mph. Currently, there are more than 10 fires burning in California and they include the Easy Fire, Hill Fire, Getty Fire, Kincade Fire, Palisades Fire, Taboose Fire, Old Water Fire, Caples Fire, Burris Fire, Saddle Ridge Fire, and the Tick Fire. They all add up to damages across 107,396 acres in many counties in California. Officials are still trying to fix the damages, and put out the fires that keep occurring within the California region.

The Lost Boy - YBN Cordae Album Review

by Henry Domst

The Lost Boy is the debut studio album by the “lyricist” of the group YBN. He goes by YBN Cordae, and he was dubbed the lyricist of his group because of the work he puts into the lyrics of his music. With features from Chance the Rapper, Anderson Paak, Ty Dolla Sign, Pusha T, Arin Ray, and Meek Mill, the album received mostly positive reviews from critics, because of the defined structure of the album. It was released on July 26, 2019. It peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200, and then #6 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart. When asked about the album Cordae said, “When you listen to the album, I hope it inspires you to ask yourself questions about who you are as a person and who you’re growing into. The music was really therapeutic for me. I’m using these words to encourage you to unapologetically be yourself. I feel like I found myself.”

The album is conceptual, explaining his story and journey to becoming a famous artist. He begins the album with the struggles of his past, then up into the middle he starts to talk about things going on in his life right now. The end gets “more uptempo and upbeat.” The entire album was around 45 minutes and contains 15 songs. I am a fan of this album because of the versatility of all types of songs, for example R&B and hip-hop songs.

The first couple songs have a slower flow, which sets the stage for a great album. Throughout it songs like “RNP” and “Broke As ****” hype the listener up and get them energized. Many of the songs can be thought to have feelings of J. Cole, because he produced the song RNP. Listening to another’s struggles can make your own sound insignificant and allow you to look on the bright side of things. Listening to music and taking your mind off of everything else is a relaxing feeling, especially when you are feeling stressed. The slow beginning and fast-paced songs are appealing and help with stress.

U.S. to Send “Mechanised Forces” to Syrian Oil Fields

by Tyler Ucci

The United States military will be deploying mechanised forces alongside troops in Northern Syria to deny ISIS access to the oilfields in the region. This action is a direct reversal of the call made by Donald Trump to pull troops out of Syria. During a press conference at NATO headquarters, a representative by the name of Mark Esper with the U.S., said that the goal was to reinforce and lock down the area well enough so that ISIS would not have access to such wealth. Trump went on to explain the importance of the situation in a tweet saying that it was in an agreement that the United States and Turkey had.

It looks like the United States will be securing the Conoco gas plant, which has a history of gun fights between the U.S. and Syrian regime backed militants fighting with Russians mercenaries. During the chaos of a new invasion, some 100 ISIS members that were being held captive escaped, but were later found and locked up. With more tension in the area than usual, more countries are getting involved.

The German defense minister proposed that there should be a greater international involvement in the Syrian border security zone implemented by Turkey and Russia, at a NATO summit. With new countries involved and over 70,000 women and children in the area, it will be very interesting to see how the United States handles themselves in this developing situation.

McKamey Manor

by Troy Ellis

Many people have had experiences of their own in a well-known, popular attraction known as the “haunted house”. These are usually terrifying, yet joyful experiences. However, the Mckamey Manor isn’t your average haunted house, it is quite literally a walk through one of your most horrific nightmares; the type of nightmare you’re glad to have awoken from. Formerly located in San Diego, the attraction is now located in Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama.

This haunted house is the most extreme, interactive haunted house on the planet, and that’s putting it lightly! It’s also one of the few year round haunted houses in America. Grown men and those seeking extreme thrills have yet to make it through the entire ordeal, some even leaving in tears. Russ McKamey is the evil genius behind the scariest haunted house in the world who, along with his best friend and business partner Carol Schultz, began scaring the life out of people about 14 years ago. While entry requires no payment, you are required to sign a 40 page waiver with conditions such as the following: “Participant fully understands and agrees that water torture may be used.” “Participant fully understands and agrees that they may be fish hooked, which may inadvertently cause rippage to the mouth area.” “Participant fully understands that injuries may occur during their Tour of MM, which may include but are not limited to, stroke, whiplash, lacerations, broken or sprained bones, bleeding wounds, death, etc.” and many many more pages.

As you can probably tell from the above conditions, there is a lot of risk that comes with entering this haunted house. No one has been able to complete it, despite there also being a rule stating you aren’t aloud to quit either unless you utter the safe word. And because of this, McKamey Manor has a $20,000 reward placed on the table for anyone who completes the tour without breaking any of their rules. But getting the chance to complete the haunt and come out $20,000 richer is not easy. McKamey estimates over 27,000 people are currently on the waiting list, with the number growing as the attraction continues to gain in popularity. "Nobody is ever going to win a penny, because the Manor is always going to win," McKamey says, adding that at least 10,000 people have tried and failed to complete the tour. "Some people just don’t understand that." This is what makes the Manor stand out from all others. People come to the tour expecting one thing, however, find themselves experiencing as long as 10 hours of psychological torture. The Mckamey Manor is an attraction like no other, of unimaginable horrors like nothing you’d even begin to expect.

This is not the neighborhood haunted house that’s put on down the street for the kids to walk out of crying, it’s a torture chamber designed to have adults running out and never looking back. But at the end of the day, the McKamey Manor is just another attraction isn't it? Would you enter the tour?

Quantum Computing

By Jared Hecht

A paper by Google appeared on a NASA website claiming that an innovative new machine called a quantum computer had demonstrated quantum supremacy. According to the paper it completed a task in 3 minutes that would take a regular computer 10,000 years to complete. If true that say this could in the future possibly lead to huge breakthroughs in experimental physics. But then the paper suddenly disappeared. This has lead people to believe that the claims may have possibly been fake. Quantum computers have the possibility to be this much faster though because of the way they store data and perform tasks.

A traditional computer uses bits for this that are either a 1 or a 0. A quantum computer differs because instead it uses qubits which are able to be 1's and 0’s at the same time at least until they are measured. In something such as a smart phone it might employ a 2gb memory which would mean 16 billion bits which is a lot of information. But because each qubit represents 2 states at once the total number of states doubles with each qubit added causing exponential growth, because of this just a few dozen qubits is much larger than 2gb memory. To allow this type of processing to open the computer needs to be stored in a thermos type structure that is kept near absolute zero and that also blocks out all outside noise to prevent interference.

Dr Gil of IBM research stated that if “you had a 100 perfect qubits you would need to devote every atom of planet earth to store bits to describe that state of quantum computer. By the time you had 280 bits you would need every atom in the universe to store all the zeros and ones.” This goes to show how powerful quantum computing can become. Mathematicians are still trying to figure out what the possibilities will be when quantum computing finally grows up they think it will be used for factoring very large numbers and breaking hard encryption codes. Quantum computing is likely the future and it is interesting to see major companies try to be the one to develop a usable quantum computer.

NCAA Rule Changes Create New Opportunities for College Athletes

by Brett Russell

On October 29th, the NCAA announced that athletes of all NCAA sports will now be able to benefit from “their names and likenesses”. Prior to this, college athletes were not able to sign shoe deals, have agents, or make money off of their names. Athletes were forced to turn down any prize money or items given as “gifts”. These strict rules have been the basis of much controversy throughout the years, and have caused several athletes to be banned from playing college sports.

In recent years, there has been a large push of people who believe that since colleges are benefiting off of the abilities of their players, that the individuals competing should also have a right to benefit. Many groups have pleaded their cases to the NCAA, and it has paid off. The prominence of the media in today’s age has made the strict regulations nearly impossible to enforce. The presence of college players in the media has been restricted greatly, since they can’t benefit off of their abilities and name.

One of the biggest stories surrounding the rule change is that there will most likely be NCAA video games featuring certain players, and the players will probably get monetary compensation for being on the game. Also, colleges may find ways to coax players into transferring or committing by providing gifts or money (both officially and under the table). As of now, we do not know what to expect, and we will have to wait for players and coaches to take action. Due to the magnitude of the rule changes, there will certainly be many issues which will have to be ironed out.

Chilean Protest

By Elliot Emley

This week in Chile civil protests have broken out due to a .04 cent increase in subway fare. Starting from a simple protest in the nation's capitol Santiago; now the protest has amassed to riot like conditions with millions of Chileans all participating. The original protest was in an effort to stop the increase in subway fares, and metro fares. While Chile has one of Latin America's most stable and balanced economies, its citizens struggle to even pay rent, 50% of its citizens to be exact earn less than 550$ per year. This means this seemingly small change in subway fares causes huge problems for half of the population. Roughly 1% percent of Chile’s population, who are considered to be the richest, make up a staggering 33% of the economy, in an issue that has “been going on for decades”.

On the surface, Chile appears to be one of the wealthiest countries, but underneath that guise they are plagued by poverty, and low incomes. Originally organized crime groups took advantage of the unrest, and vandalized, stole, and looted stores, houses, etcetera. However this past Friday, more than one million peaceful protestors gathered in Santiago, banging pots and pans, chanting “Chile despertó” (Chile woke up), this was the largest gathering the country has ever seen, and on top of this there was no rioting, they simply walked and chanted. Signifying that they do not want war, or violence, nor do they support it, they only want change to be brought about to their government.

The protests in Chile now have stemmed outwards to a more demanding request that the government now give people economic equality, in things such as pay, and wages. Protesters are now slowly turning to riots, burning metros, and once again looting supermarkets, and the government has now declared military action on the protesters, establishing a curfew for the first time since the 80’s, and arresting those who riot. As for now, Chile remains in a state of emergency, and has yet to break free from the governments grasp.

NFL Rules Need To Be Changed

By Marc Meissner

The NFL’s rules as of late last season and this current season have been changed for the worse. The rules like “roughing the passer” and “pass interference” have been called in the games too often and change the outcome of games when they shouldn't. Back before the league cared about player safety, they allowed really anything to go. Players were allowed to hit the quarterback without receiving a penalty until lately where if the quarterback receives a “punishing hit” its considered roughing the passer. This all happened after late last season when a controversial call on the Green Bay Packers where quarterback Aaron Rodgers was hit and broke his collarbone and no flag was thrown. This has always been a rule in the NFL, but now it is taken much more seriously since they are worried about big injuries. Quarterbacks can take from big hits like Aaron Rodgers received.

These penalties being called all depend on the referees that are managing the game. Some call these really well and others not so much. Another big penalty that is overcalled and abused in games is “pass interference” in the NFL. When it’s called there is an automatic first down and the ball is spotted at where the pass interference occurred. Now a new rule this year is pass interference can be challenged and reviewed to see if it is a proper call. Coaches should be able to challenge roughing the passer because this penalty is something that needs to be decided by the league’s office and not by the officials on the field.

5G, The Revolution of the Internet

By Nathan Myers

New technology is always being developed and rolled out to the public. Self-stopping cars, electric vehicles, and folding phones are just a few of the many new inventions and innovations that have been sold commercially. Each of these creations have their own compartmentalized success, but never mass adoption by a significant portion of the population. One new technology is so impactful, with use so widespread, that it might have users in the billions just a few years after its release. That technology is 5G. This new revolutionary network is the next step up from 4G mobile data, and could be the next global network. It boasts a 5000% increase in speed over the fastest 4G connections, which is 50x the speed. With the use of the internet becoming as common as eating and sleeping, creating a global network that is more secure, faster and more reliable could be one of the biggest economic successes ever.

Many businesses have been looking towards it as a solution to device interconnectivity, particularly factories and industrial complexes. If 5G is widely adopted, companies and businesses could remove the need for widespread wireless routers and wired connections throughout their buildings. On top of that, if all of your data is on one network, it is significantly easier, cheaper, and more effective to protect your data security. In factories, where machines need to work together seamlessly, the reliability and speed would allow more efficient factories , which would lower prices of processed goods. These lowered prices would provide a higher standard of living to the middle class. Predictions suggest that 28 Billion devices will use 5G by 2021. Companies like Verizon and AT&T have been investing heavily in 5G, and it is only a matter of time until it is a global phenomenon. The predictions state that by 2020 it should be commercially available to a significant portion of the public, and by 2021 to the majority of people in 1st world countries. The new technology is something to keep an eye on, as it affects everyone in the world, including you.

Halloween Candy Could Be Dangerous

By: Margaret Coulombe

In 2019, parents are getting more concerned with keeping their kids safe. Now, more than ever before people freak over minor things or things that could happen. Apparently, there are stories about candy edibles that are going to be sent out to kids. There are two stories: one that happened years ago and a recent story from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first story talks about a man from 1974. His 8 year old son, Timothy, died because he had consumed a certain substance, cyanide, in Pixy Stix. The man who gave him the pixie sticks, his father, told them it was their lucky day, because "rich neighbors" were distributing "expensive treats." He was holding 5 22 inch of pixie sticks, laced with cyanide. Along with Timothy, his sibling Elizabeth and three other kids that also received them, but none of the other children ate the Pixie Sticks. The father was soon arrested for the murder.

The second story happened more recently. The police in PA, warns parents that some marijuana candy may look like popular candy. Also, they warn the parents to look out for nerd rope because it could be the candy with THC edibles. They found a bag with candy that looks like nerd ropes but they weren’t. People in PA freaked out even though it was a warning for the parents. But, in certain areas of the U.S. there is some marijuana candy to look out for just in case if the candy seems a bit off. Names of theses candies might be Keef Kat, Twixed, three Rastateers, and Rasta Reese's. Again, there is a small chance of marijuana candy to be given to a child, but there have been some teens that can get their hands on this substance.

I personally don’t have kids, but I do however have two little siblings. There is no way that someone would hand kids marijuana to random children. For one, it’s too expensive to just hand out to little children, two, there has to be a gain for the person and three, there is no candy made with marijuana. What I mean by to gain is that they have to have a motive and are getting something out of it.

Maybe years ago, marijuana was reasonably cheap and made sense for the time period, but in 2019, it just doesn’t. Just because it’s a warning, please do not freak out. But, one thing's for sure and this is obvious: Don’t take food that is not sealed or the candy seems a little bit off to you. You don’t know what they could have done to the food, it could be harmful.

Please be safe this Halloween or next Halloween. There could be a chance of your kids or siblings dying from candy. Yes, it is a small chance of it happening, but it’s the world that we live in now. No one knows the future, but make sure you and your family think before you dive into the candy this year.

The 20 million Tree Challenge

By Max Boettger

What is this?

The 20 million Tree Challenge is made by Mr. Beast and other famous youtubers such as “The infografic Show” or The Try Shy Guys and together they want to plant 20 milion trees to help the environment. The idea started with Mr Beast 20 million Subscriber special. One of the suggestions by his fans was that he should plant one tree for each subscriber. This started the idea. Mr Beast talked to a lot of other youtubers and a lot of youtubers joined him to help the environment by reducing climate change. Together, they call the idea “Teamtree”, and under this name they are working together to reach the goal to plant 20 milion trees. They work with the nonprofit organization “Arbor Day Foundation” to achieve the goal of planting all these trees.

How does it work?

The whole thing is actually really easy. The Arbor Day Foundation confirmed that they going to plant for every dollar somebody spend they will plant one tree. So for example, if you donate 10 bucks to them they will plant 10 new trees. So it is one dollar per tree. Donating is relative easy on their website. It is possible to donate on youtube, a lot of their supporters linked a link with donations to their video so there are many ways to donate. For the donations everything is possible from 1 dollar to how much anyone wants to contribute. For example, recently Elon Musk donated recently 1 million US dollars. Of course, Mr. Beast and the other youtubers can not donate 20 million dollars by themselves so they asked their community to help them reach this goal. This community is huge, only the Mr Beast community counts 25.3 million subscribers, but how is it possible to reach so many people? The internet makes it possible, the potential in being connected to everyone else in the world makes a lot possible, and this potential that the Youtubers normally use to get views is being used to save planet Earth, our planet!

Poisoned Halloween Candy

By Victoria Garcia

On Halloween night, parents will tell their children to be careful of candy that may have been poisoned or tampered with, and some parents will even check their childs’ candy bags for themselves. Yes, we all know the tales of insane neighbors that will put cyanide in Tootsie Rolls or razor blades in apples, but what many people don’t know is that, other than one case, the historical evidence surrounding all of these cases has never actually been proven.

On Halloween, 1974, eight-year-old Timothy O’Bryan had fallen severely ill after eating a pixy stix and was then quickly rushed to the hospital where he unfortunately died. An autopsy found large amounts of cyanide in his digestive system that was also found inside his candy, thus began an immediate hunt for the other pixy stix, one being with his sister, Elizabeth, two with their neighbors’ children and the final one with a random trick or treater. Once all the candy was recovered the number one suspect became the boy’s father, Ronald Clark O’Bryan. O’Bryan claimed that the candy had been given to them by a neighbor, but that was proven wrong because the neighbor was out of town on Halloween.

Later discoveries found that O’Bryan had been asking people about cyanide and how lethal it was if consumed, it was also discovered that he had taken out two very high insurance policies on both Timothy and Elizabeth, and had gone to claim the one on his son less than twenty-four hours after his death. O’Bryan was thousands of dollars in debt and decided that the only way to fix it was to murder both of his children and use them to pay it off. O’Bryan was arrested for his son’s murder and was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He is now known as “The Candyman” and “The Man Who Killed Halloween” and was officially executed on March 31st, 1984.

This story is terrifying, but it’s also the only recorded case of a child’s candy ever being poisoned. The story that some deranged neighbor would just poison children’s Halloween candy actually started off as an urban legend and while people were cautious of it they didn’t think too much of it, until there were all these warnings from police about potentially lethal candy given to children that everyone started to take seriously, and then they started to think that the decades old urban legend was actually a real story and that every year all these different things would be put in the candy and that there was simply no way of avoiding it, but in reality the stories they kept hearing never actually happened.

O’Bryan’s story is 100% true, but it’s not the cause of people’s fear for their children’s candy, mainly because very few people are even aware that it ever happened. The urban legend itself has been around for decades long before the crime was committed, in fact O’Bryan said he was innocent and used the urban legend as evidence, which was quickly refuted. The urban legend made people cautious but not much else, until police warnings about dangerous candy made people think that the warnings were actual events and every year another story surfaces from the police causing the parents (not so much the children) all become terrified that their child could be next, but people never stopped to make sure everything they were afraid of actually happened.

To be fair, parents’ fear is reasonable because when you stop and think it could actually happen, children are in fact being given candy from strangers who are technically able to do whatever they want with them and no one would know, however all the stories that they hear about are 100% not true, they were just warnings of the possibility that it could happen, and that quickly took off and became the fear that all parents have on Halloween night.

Human beings are naturally afraid of something so it makes sense that parents would be afraid of what their children recieve, it’s actually good that the parents are afraid because it means that they genuinely care about their child’s health and safety. I don’t think parents should stop fearing for what their child receives in their bag, but I do think more people should look into the actual stories behind the tales they constantly hear, because more likely than not they’re probably just warnings and not actual events.

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