France declares War on Rats! (literally their taking over their literally taking over the CIty! BY evan Broom

Rats in Paris France have their population one the rise and the whole place is becoming a rat park. There are about a million rats in France right now.(I HATE RATS!!!!!)


Thinking stems: It's interesting that rats can keep surviving and getting away from the humans and keep surviving. I can imagine loads of rats in a park stealing humans belongings.

My article is called Paris declares war on rats. The main idea is in parks rats are taking over Paris. A supporting detail is that people who feed pigeons are leaving out the food so rats can eat get fat and multiply. The second supporting detail is they may actual be smart because the people of authority like animal control put out 30 traps and found one rat dead. The last supporting detail is their isn't many people who are trying to do something about it. When the Author said "The war must be total," I thought it really has to be because they could take out like half of the rats with a poisonous gas because like the next week it could go right back up to the amount they had before because of how many their are!



Created with images by mtkopone - "Big Ass Rat" • jackmac34 - "flag french flag france"

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