NTIP Eligibility

NTIP Required Teachers

The board shall provide NTIP to:

1st Year Permanent Hires

  • Teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers hired into a permanent position – full-time or part-time – by a school board to begin teaching for the first time in Ontario’s publicly funded school system
  • 2nd year permanent hires who do not successfully complete NTIP in their first year

The board shall support:

NTIP Mentors

  • Experienced teachers supporting NTIP required teachers
Long Term Occasional Teachers

Boards are encouraged to provide the induction elements to:

1st Year Long Term Occasional Teachers with assignments of 97 days or longer

  • Certified occasional teachers in their first long-term assignment, with that assignment being 97 or more consecutive school days as a substitute for the same teacher
Additional NTIP Eligible Teachers

Any teacher in their first 5 years who falls outside of the NTIP required definition above is eligible for support. The inclusion of these teachers as eligible to participate in any of the NTIP induction elements is designed to provide boards with flexibility to respond to local hiring realities and potentially to support new teachers for a greater length of time. Boards may decide to include an entire category of NTIP eligible teachers or base the supports they offer on a case by case basis.

NTIP eligible teachers include:

  • Beginning Daily Occasional Teachers
  • Beginning Short and Long Term Occasional Teachers (any duration of assignment)
  • Beginning Continuing Education Teachers
  • Beginning Permanent Hires past year 1
  • Mentors supporting any beginning teacher (e.g., Teacher-Candidates, Occasional Teachers etc.) - Associate Teachers hosting a teacher-candidate from a faculty of education are included in this definition as are teachers mentoring Indigenous language educators