Science by Luz mendoza

The changing surface of earth

The weathering rock is formed by ice,water,wind,rain.
The wind and the rain brock the rock and made holes
Erosion- move's things from place to place
The river move little rocks to others places.
Deposition-put things in other places.
The waves move rocks to others places
Deposition- the process of building up the surface of the Earth by putting down rock.
the rivers can move the rocks and putting in others places.
CLIMATE- a pattern of tempeture and precipitation that remains for a long time in a bi area.
is an area who has a different temperature then others.
WEATHER-a pattern of temperature and humidity that covers a small area for a short time.

Natural Resources


Geothermal- heat comes from Earth.the word geothermal mean Earth heat. Geothermal occurs when the Earth has a fall in the surface. But how?sometimes the factories drill into the mantle of Earth and the heat converts into energy.

Three things we learned last year


We have 7 types of pollution, water contamination, air pollution, soil Pollution, thermal Contamination, radioactive contamination, acoustic Pollution and light pollution.

Natural resources

The natural resources are things found on Earth, that can help people.

Earth,Moon and sun

We learned about the seasons,days and years.


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