George Washington It's time to clean up this country.

George Washington is great for our country because he has so much experience with leading people. He has lead an army of men into war and has won multiple battles with them. He was general in the war and help get us the land we have today. He has the experience very few other people have.

His cabinet is very experienced. Henry Knox, the secretary of war, is experienced because he was a general in the war with Washington. The secretary of war is in charge of the army for the country's defense. Thomas Jefferson, the secretary of state, is experienced because he has worked with France, and is a very good speaker, is very persuasive, and is very nice. The secretary of state is in charge with working with other states. Also, Alexander Hamilton, secretary of treasury, is experienced because he was exposed to business, money, and trade when he was younger. The secretary of treasury is in charge of managing the governments money. Edmund Randolph, attorney general, is experienced because he lived with a very politic uncle. He also was the mayor of Williamsburg and Virginia's attorney general. The attorney general is the nation's top lawyer.

Jefferson will be a great cabinet pick because he is a great speaker, very persuasive, nice, and has a lot of experience with talking to others like France. Hamilton is also a great cabinet pick because he has experience in business, trade, and money, and has experience in politics and government.

The Elastic clause, an article in the Constitution that states Congress can do anything that is "necessary and proper." This is important because it allows Congress to pass laws, increase or decrease taxes, etc. This is also important because it lets Congress do this without needing permission.

Washington and Hamilton worked to get us out of debt by proposing an excise tax on whiskey and a tariff on imported goods. This will cause people to buy American goods instead of foreign goods, which will raise money to pay off the debt.

D.C. is a good location for the capital of the U.S. because it was in the center of all the states, making it show support of both the northern states and southern states. It also was built on the Potomac River which gave food, water, and transportation support. This shows that D.C. was around the best location for a capital at the time.


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