3 Girls Lock & Key Stefany canales

The story of 3 Girls is based back in 1956. It's based on a story about two girls who wander into a book store one day and they realize they're in the presence of the famous sex icon, Marilyn Monroe. The thing is, Marilyn is in disguise, she's dressed in men's clothing and is just enjoying her evening reading, not wanting anyone to recognize her. The girls recognized her, but they're in full knowledge of the actresses intentions with her afternoon, therefore they do not bother her but more so protect her throughout the story. The following piece of the story explains exactly how the girls feel about Monroe and her situation, "And that was the sadness in it, Marilyn Monroe’s wish. To be like us. for it was impossible, of course. for anyone could have told Marilyn Monroe, even two young girl-poets, that it was too late for her in history." As it goes on they realize that she is not actually what she represents or what people expect her to be.

There are many locks to this piece of writing but one that really caught my eye is of the two girls sharing a kiss in the end. Were the girls on a date that night? Do they both feel the same way towards each other? What triggered one of the girls to kiss the other? So many questions and more that arise from one simple action. I feel like Marilyn Monroe is the key to the girls kiss. The girl saw how Marilyn Monroe really was, she was smart and intellectual. That made her feel like it was okay to be who she really was and feel however she wanted to feel. Keep in mind that homosexuality wasn't exactly the greatest thing back in 1956, so of course the girls couldn't just be out about their feelings without feeling as if they were going to be shunned. Seeing that Marilyn Monroe was different and not what people stereotyped her to be, encouraged the girl to kiss the other.

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stefany Canales


Created with images by Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "Marilyn Show 43" • skeeze - "marilyn monroe actress fashion" • RockyandNelson - "Marilyn Monroe Silver Screen"

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