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All copy right and document by Kylie Jenner main Twitter & Instagram persantly. Violations of term: this is a small comunity it's not very huge so there really isn't anything to be worried about but the violations here are what our concerns our. When you create a account you AGREE to the terms of service and privacy policy. If you don't go over the terms befor signing up you'll be notified amideitly. If we don't get a confirm letter back it means you didn't follow the regulations. We DO NOT allow imoersanating due to the likely hood since this is a celberity fan base. If you see or know of any account that we see in dispite or if you are impersonation we will take for actions. If we see a famous name hairne by your account submission we will permantly delete what you've made and we will ban you from this site. Once your baned your notified. And if you try to make an account similar we still won't accept. If you are the perosn who they claim to be please have a picture of your issued ID. Your account will then be deactivated for other vewiers to see. This likely hood may or may not be certain but for our safety we recommend it.

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