Deep Cultural Investigation Javiera silva herrera

My name is Javiera Silva. I am an international student from Chile. My full name is Javiera Ignacia Silva Herrera.

This is me on my first day in Manhattan.

Surface Culture

My family and I identify ourselves as Latino Americans, since all of us are from Chile.My family is all from Chile, South America. We have been living here for several generations. My mother’s grandfather was probably from another country, but I am not really sure. So the majority of us are just from Chile and we’ve been there for many years.

I would describe my family status as a middle class. My father is the only who works at home and he is the one who provides all the necessary resources for my mum and I. He is a doctor, and even when the earns a good amount of money, Chilean system and economic

The first member in my family to go to college was my dad. He went to med school in a prestigious university in Chile. And for my mother side, I am the first one to go to college.

“Papelucho” is one of the stories that I used to listen and read. It was a about the adventures of a Chilean kid. It was one of the required books we had to read at school and I loved it so much.

We used to celebrate different holidays. The most important one for me is our national week. During this week we celebrate the independence of our country and it is a moment in which everyone enjoys to have some free days and good food with the family.

Shallow culture

We had a lot of saying and “dichos” related to the way we behave. The most famous ones are “Mas vale pájaro en mano que cien volando”, which means that is more important to have one thing for sure, that many of them unsure. “Quien no se arriesga no cruza el rio”, which means that you need to take risks in order to achieve your goals.

In my family they used to tell us the story about “Pedrito y el lobo” (Peter and the wolf). The story tried to teach kids not to say lies, behave and always tell the truth to parents and older people.

Our parents always said that we need to be respectful with older people, because as they are older they know more about life and they can teach us a lot of things we do not know.

In my family, showing emotional feelings is really normal and respected. I am allowed to cry, be happy or anger and my family will always support me.

The image of teachers is really important for most of us. We see our teachers as very meaningful people in our life and the respect and admiration is common when you are at university or high school.

At least in my family I am allowed and I have always been allowed to call the adults by their names.

Communication, "doing school, self-motivation, and effort
This learning behaviours are part of my culture, because in my country communication is the main mean to share with people. Self-motivation and effort are also important in my culture, since they are base to accomplish enything you want. Our parents and family always encourage us to be motivated and give the best of us.
For me, I really believe that do effort is the most important thing when you want to achieve something. Maybe in other cultures is different, but in my country is one of the most important things.
In Chile and in my family specially, intelligence is more related with social skills, to learn to deal with real life problems and independence, rather than with just being able to do mathematics or being a scientific person, for example. I do not believe that there are people more intelligent than others.
I think that there are no more intelligen people than other. I think intelligence is built upon the experiences and how you face them. I feel that it does not matter how good or bad you are in resolving an ecuation, but in how well you deal with real social or personal problems.

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