Insulatuion (Heating and cooling)


  • For a long time humans have used insulation
  • Probably the beginning with man wrapping themselves in wool and cloth to keep warm
  • Another use of insulation was in the medieval times when straw and mud were packed between walls to try to keep the cold out
  • Insulation has been around for along time and yet new things are being invented this year to have better insulation


Some of the most know materials for insulating are;

  • Fibre-glass- is a fibre reinforced plastic and can be flattened, woven into mats, or just randomly arranged
  • Mineral Wool- a substance that looks like wool but is made up of inorganic material
  • Cellulose- a compound carbonate that is the basic structure of plant walls but can also be made into many things
  • Polyurethane Foam- are compounds, but there are many different types and things that can be made with it


There are many different ways and things that can be insulated; here are some

  • Insulating the roof and walls with insulates (like things on the slide above)
  • You can insulate windows with double glazing and making a vacuum thta heat cannot travel through
  • Floors are normally insulated with the same thing as walls like fibre-glass

CostS for insulation

  • To do the ceiling, floor, and walls can be (this is an estimate) $2500-$7800
  • Or for another site (Home advisor) the average cost is $1355 , but the range is usually $875-$1900

New technology

  • There is a new insulator that uses carbon dioxide as the blowing agent
  • Instead of removing the gas in windows a new idea is to put argon or krypton instead
  • Aerogel- is the highest insulator in the world, developed by NASA - R value is 20

Heat transfer

  • Insulators for the house help keep convection from happening
  • House insulation also helps keep convection in buildings
  • To stop radiation we use things called radiant barriers, which as the name applies stops radiation ( technically)


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