how to eat by josh winslow

Things like this cheeseburger, chicken wings, and french fries are easily eaten

they don't require much work, other than picking it up and chewing

although these foods are easy to eat.. there are some foods that are very hard to eat

things like the salad are almost impossible to eat, with all the forks and sometimes even a knife you have to use to eat it.

this is another one of the impossible foods to eat... the taco. How do you even eat it without half of it spilling out? which side do you bite??

To explain to you how to eat, I must first have you all visualize something. Imagine you are sitting here now with a cheeseburger in your hands. What do you want to do with it? Eat it. You may be wondering though, “how can I eat things!??!” and I am here to tell you exactly how that is done. So keep that image in your head, but now imagine this. You put the cheeseburger up to your face, and open your mouth. Then, you insert about ¼ of the cheeseburger into your mouth, and bite down. Now that the food is in your mouth, you can do this thing called “chewing” where you just keep biting down on the pieces until they are all mushed up. Then you do another thing called “swallowing” which, yes, you do with water, but this is different. You do the same idea, but with real food not water.


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