Sidoarjo Mud Flow BY ASHLEY B AND SARA P

On May 28th, 2006 in Sidoarjo, Indoneisa land broke open and mud and stem began to burst from the opening. The mud flowed out uncontrolably, wiping out 40,000 homes and killing 13-40 people.

  • This tragedy, is believed to be caused by one of two things, or both.
  • There was a company drilling boreholes into the ground trying to find gas. During their second stage of drilling, 200 meters southwest of the drilling location pressure built up underground causing it to break open and the mud volcano began to erupt.
  • There was also an earthquake near by which is believed to have had part in the incident.
  • There were many organisms impacted by the Sidoarjo Mud Flow. Many different species of plants were killed and destroyed, the mud flooded over them and drown them causing them to not be able to get the nutrients they needed in order to survive.
  • Lots of marine life that lived in nearby ponds, lakes, oceans, etc. were killed because there was so much mud that caused them to turn into mud swamps suffocating the organisms living in what used to be water.
  • Another species that was impacted by the mud was humans. An estimated 40,000 houses were destroyed, 13-40 people were killed and the mud was everywhere.

Unfortunately there are not very many things that could/can be done about the mud flow because it will continue to release mud indefinitely, but there are a few minor things that can be done.

  • The areas where the mud has completely covered have been evacuated and the families that lived in those areas were provided shelter and compensation.
  • The borehole that was being drilled was sealed as was the area where the land open to the best of the ability to try to not have as much mud flow being released.
  • In the future things that need to be done differently to prevent something like this from occurring are; before drilling boreholes check the land and surrounding areas more accurately and make sure there isn't anything suspicious.
  • Also to be more aware of earthquakes and ground movements because those can have major impacts on tragedies similar to the Sidoarjo Mud Flow.


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