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Byron Bay High School delivers a collaborative learning environment where students achieve excellence through our connection with community and land, creating holistic leaders of the future.

Dates for your diary


  • Mon 15 Feb | First Aid Course - Year 11 Marine Studies
  • Tue 16 Feb | FNC Swimming Murwillumbah
  • Tue 16 Feb | School Photo Catch Up Day
  • Tue 16 Feb | P&C Meeting 7pm - (see email)
  • Mon 22 Feb | Safe on Social Workshops
  • Tue 23 Feb | FNC AFL 15s Gala Day
  • Wed 24 Feb - Fri 26 Feb | Year 7/11 Camp Koinonia Evans Head


  • Tue 9 Mar | Vaccinations - Year 8
  • Wed 10 Mar | Open Basketball Trials - BISC
  • Thu 11 Mar | Vaccinations - Year 7
  • Mon 15 Mar | 'Meltdown' Zeal Theatre Performance, Q&A and workshops
  • Mon 15 Mar | RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Year 12
  • Tue 16 Mar | P&C Meeting
  • Fri 26 Mar | Harmony Day MUFTI Day


  • Thu 1 Apr | Last day of Term 1
  • Fri 2 Apr | Good Friday
  • Sun 4 Apr | Easter Sunday
  • Mon 5 Apr | Easter Monday
  • Tue 20 Apr | First day of Term 2

Payments now due

  • Wednesday Sport fees - Years 7 - 10 | price varies
  • Aquatics Program - Years 7 to 10 | $40
  • Year 9 PASS Beach Fitness | $20
  • Zeal Theatre Performance | price varies
  • Far North Coast Swimming Murwillumbah | $25

Principal's message

Dear Parents and Carers of Byron Bay High School,

What a full three weeks! Thank you to all families for such a great start to the school year. Students are looking fresh in their uniforms, prepared to tackle new learning and build strong relationships.

We are currently drafting our new four-year school plan. I will share our Strategic Directions at the P&C Meeting on Tuesday 16 February at 7 pm, in the school library or via zoom. As a school we set goals and milestones of achievement for the year. I spoke with all students at our last whole school assembly about setting goals for Term 1.

  • What goal has your child/children set for Term 1?
  • What are they doing in the next 7 days to work towards achieving this goal?
  • Who is going to help them achieve this goal?
  • What are they going to do in the following 30 days to continue working towards their goal?
  • How will they know when they have reached their goal?
  • What will the evidence be to demonstrate their achievements?

The graduating class of 2020 achieved wonderful success in their academic HSC goals. We wish all graduating students health and happiness with their future paths.

See our Byron Bay High School Year 12 2020 HSC Results here!

Please take the time to read through the newsletter celebrating student achievement and take note of upcoming events.

Ms Janine Marcus - Principal

2021 Swimming Carnival

YAY!! It was so great to have a carnival once again and what a great turn out we had. We had records fall, we had salmon running, we had the biggest Manu and the famous Belly Flop Comp.

Thanks to students and parents who support our regular carnivals and to the teachers for their efforts on the day. A full wrap up will be in the next Breeze but for now enjoy the photos!

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Sport Coordinator and Year 7 Year Adviser



Sydney's Zeal Theatre are coming back to Byron Bay High School to perform another powerful youth oriented play and run workshops. This year they will perform 'Meltdown', which deals with issues of stress, anxiety, fear and anger as seen through the eyes of the character of 15 year old Zane.

Keep an eye out for permission notes coming to Years 9 to 12 Drama students.

Year 11 Drama will experience 2 periods of workshops with the actors and Year 9 Drama will experience a 1 period workshops, after they see the performance there will be a Q&A. Both classes study plays written by Zeal.

Year 12 and 10 Drama will see the performance and Q&A only.

Year 8 students interested in studying Drama in 2022 are also invited to attend the performance and Q&A.

Ms Simone Museth - Drama Teacher and TAS Head Teacher


Australia Day Honours for Indigenous Byron Bay High School Students

Three past and present Indigenous Byron Bay High School students have been successful in this year’s Australia Day awards. The students are Nickolla Clark, Kiahn Ladkin and Mia Thom.

Local Arakwal Indigenous custodian Nickolla Clark won the Creative Artist of the Year award. She has been recognised for her commitment to her Indigenous heritage and her generosity in sharing her culture and skills with younger Indigenous children and the wider community.

Kiahn Ladkin, a young Awabakal woman, was a runner up for the Creative Artist of the Year award. She was recognised for her commitment to dance and her generosity in sharing her Indigenous cultural heritage and dance skills with younger Indigenous students in the Byron Shire.

Mia Thom, an emerging Bundjalung leader, won the Young Citizen of the Year award. The award recognises her commitment to environmental issues including leadership of the local Student Strike for Climate protests. It also recognises Mia’s generosity in sharing her culture at school and volunteering at Indigenous homework clubs.

Byron Bay High School and the Byron Shire are extremely proud of the achievements of these young Indigenous women. Their awards are highly deserved and deliver hope for the future of reconciliation in this country.

Article in the Byron Echo

Mr Matcham Caine – HSIE Teacher

Byron Bay High Waste Free and Saving the Planet

Welcome to all our new families!

Byron Bay High School is officially a Waste Free school. This means that any waste that cannot be composted must be taken home. Cans and bottles that are eligible for the 10 cent container deposit scheme can be placed in two cages at the school. Food, paper and cardboard can be placed in one of the many compost bins that are situated around the school.

Hard and soft plastic is taken home to be sorted and recycled according to your home recycling program.

Good alternatives to single use plastics like glad wrap and snap lock bags are beeswax wraps (now sold at Woolworths) and reusable containers.

Our ultimate aim is to support Byron High families in making the switch to foods that contain very little or zero waste.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Byron High’s Waste Free initiative so far, the future thanks you!

Mr Stuart Galletly and Ms Michelle Lowe - HSIE Faculty

Grant application expertise needed

Have a way with words? Great at persuading people to do things? Have some spare time? Do you have a burning desire to help the planet and avert the climate crisis? If you possess some of these qualities Byron Bay High School NEEDS YOU!

We are currently applying for grants to support innovative teaching and project based learning but need some help in the application process!

Please email Michelle Lowe on michelle.lowe4@det.nsw.edu.au for further information.

Ms Michelle Lowe - HSIE Faculty

Sport News

Wednesday Sport begins 17 February

Wednesday 17 February sees our Wednesday sport program kick off for the term. A reminder that sport is a compulsory part of the Byron High School timetable and as such students need to attend weekly.

For appointments that cannot be made outside school hours a signed parent note from parents/carer should be brought to the Deputy Principal on Wednesday morning BEFORE 9 am to apply for leave.

All sports permission notes for sports that LEAVE THE SCHOOL and payments must be returned to the front office by Monday 15 February. If permission slips are not returned then a student cannot leave the school for their sport. Please ensure this is completed to avoid any confusion for students starting sport.

Students will be advised of bus schedules and meeting places for sports throughout the week. They can also check with PE if there is any confusion before Wednesday sport start.

A reminder that students who participate in their sport off site are representatives of Byron Bay High School and should conduct themselves in a manner that is in line with our school expectations.

Students who have selected a sport are expected to stay in that sport for the term. Staff numbers and venues worked out on student selection at the start of term therefore changes will not occur except for extenuating circumstances.

For any questions please contact Kelley Caoyonan.

Thank you to our generous volunteers

Big thanks to our Volunteer Students who supported Byron Bay Primary School in the running of their Swimming Carnival.

Our students did a wonderful job and the primary school students get a kick out of seeing the “big kids” at their carnival. Thank you for representing our school!

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Sport Coordinator and Year 7 Year Adviser

Library News

Maths News

We have been busy in Mathematics over the holidays getting ready for 2021. I sent an email out to all Year 8, 9 and 10 parents highlighting some of the changes we have made this year. Below is a copy of that email if you didn’t receive it.

Dear Parents and Carers

We have made some changes to the way in which we are working in Mathematics this year. We will be using Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform for all students.

This change has been made to allow for all students to receive the same information, revision materials and mathematics advice. Students will also have access to their own teachers in the breakout rooms for more indepth support.

In order to log into the correct Microsoft Team students will have to select the correct link from below and follow the process. The links are:

For Year 7 click here

For Year 8 click here

For Year 9 click here

For Year 10 Advanced (Mr Hart and Ms Kiddle's 9M1 class) click here

For Year 10 Intermediate (Mr Armstrong, Ms Kiddle's 10M4 class and Mr Miles) click here

If you are having issues with the above links please make sure that the students are using their department of education email rather than their personal Gmail accounts. An example of the education email is rocco.miles@education.nsw.gov.au. If that doesn't work we will be able to manually add students during our first lesson.

We are also in the process of updating our textbooks. We currently have enough textbooks for one between two students during class time and will put an electronic copy on Microsoft Teams. If you would like to purchase a copy of the textbook I have included the links below. If your child is in Mr Hart's Year 9 class a decision will be made in the first week as to which course the class will follow as there a two options, once a decision has been made I will let you know which textbook we will be using.

The Year 8 and 10 textbooks will only be used for this year as we will be updating to Cambridge in 2022.

It is important for all students to come to Mathematics with a pen, ruler, workbook and a Casio calculator, the calculator we use at school is the Casio fx-82au plus. Students are able to purchase calculators from the front office for $25. Students will not be permitted to use their mobile phone as a calculator under any circumstances.

Available for your child to purchase from the front office for $25

I have been receiving lots of emails and phone calls in regards to students in Mathematics this year which I have been working through responding to as quickly as possible. As it has been an extremely busy start to the year it has taken longer than expected and I appreciate your patience.

If you do wish to contact me - my email address is Curtis.miles1@det.nsw.edu.au this is the best contact method.

Mr Curtis Miles - Mathematics Head Teacher


This term in PDHPE, Years 7 to 10 are undertaking the annual Byron Bay High School Aquatics Program. Please read your emails for further information about this if you haven't already.

Water safety plays a significant role in the lives of all Australians and the school swimming program aims to develop basic water survival skills, stroke development and opportunities to experience a variety of water sports such as water polo and water aerobics.

All students will undertake a water safety challenge as required by the Department of Education as a prerequisite for future school excursions involving swimming activities. The test involves five elements:

  • Entry – slide entry into shallow water and walk five metres
  • Survival Swimming – 25m swim with recognisable strokes
  • Survival sequence – Scull, float or tread water for 1 minute, call out for help once
  • Exit – exit the water unassisted
  • Rescue Sequence – demonstrate a simple voice rescue

Students unable to participate due to medical conditions will need to provide a medical certificate to the school. These students will be unable to join in any swimming activities on school excursions as they will not have met the Department of Education’s requirements. Students who are sick and unable to participate for a lesson must supply a note from their parents.

Drowning statistics in Australia

According to the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2020, 248 people died as a result of drowning in Australia in the 2019/20 financial year. People aged 25 to 34 years accounted for 17% of the total number of drowning deaths, the most of any age group.


Years 7 Aquatics Program schedule

Years 8 Aquatics Program schedule

Years 9 Aquatics Program schedule

Years 10 Aquatics Program schedule

Byron Bay High School PDHPE Uniform policy

At Byron Bay High School, wearing the PDHPE uniform is important for many reasons. The 4 main reasons include:

  1. It is a symbol of equality among students
  2. It demonstrates mutual respect
  3. It shows affiliation to the school
  4. It is more hygienic

All students are required to wear the prescribed uniform correctly during practical lessons in PDHPE, PASS and SLR, as well as when representing the school. All clothing items should be clearly labelled to reduce lost or misplaced uniforms.

The Byron Bay High School Sports uniform consists of the following items, all of which can be purchased from The School Locker in Ballina.

  • Teal sports polo with navy collar and school logo. The PDHPE faculty recommend that students have at least 2 shirts.
  • Navy blue or black (sports only) shorts.
  • Navy blue Byron Bay High School track pants and/or navy-blue hoody with the school logo if required in cooler weather.

Additionally, the following items are recommended for wear.

  • A hat in compliance with the sun safety in school policy.
  • Sun screen - some is available at school for outdoor PDHPE, PASS and SLR lessons.
  • Appropriate running shoes.
  • The purpose of the running shoe is to support the person's feet and ankles. Slip-on shoes do not achieve this purpose and are a safety concern.

Representative teams are urged to wear the appropriate team uniforms and sports uniforms on the day of competition.


  1. The full PDHPE uniform must be worn to participate in practical lessons.
  2. The uniform should not be worn at any other time unless it is the relevant sports day for that student.
  3. When the uniform cannot be worn for a good reason, parents/carers are asked to notify the teacher in writing with a signed note. The note should be dated, and a contact number provided. This note must be handed to the teacher before the lesson.
  4. All students must change back into the correct school uniform at the end of the practical lesson, except on the allocated school sport day.

Students who do not meet the expectations of the uniform policy may be given a restitution task to complete as an alternative to the practical lesson, where instructed by the teacher in charge. Students may also receive recess or lunch detentions.

PDHPE is a compulsory subject and students who do not participate on a regular basis will put themselves at risk of not meeting the outcomes of this course. This could result in students not receiving a Record of School Achievement (RoSA) award at the end of Year 10, or HSC qualifications in Stage 6 SLR.

Mr Grant Herbert - PDHPE Head Teacher

English News

Byron Writers Festival Storyboard - Masterclasses

StoryBoard Masterclasses are ongoing, regular sessions in which young writers work on developing and honing their writing skills throughout the term.

The free Masterclasses run in the evenings at Byron Bay, Lismore and Ballina. During the 90-minute workshops participants explore a diversity of writing forms and genres. They free-write, plan, execute, edit and revise their work, often with the aim of bringing a singular idea from concept to completion. In some cases, the final pieces are published as an Anthology.

Byron Teen Masterclasses

with Siboney Duff & Melaina Feranda

  • When: Fortnightly at 5pm – 6:30pm on Thursdays (starting 11 Feb)
  • Where: Byron Writers Festival office, 2/58 Centennial Cct, Byron Bay, 2481
  • Suitable for: 13 – 17 years FREE, bookings essential (places strictly limited)
  • Telephone: 6685 5115

Byron Writers Festival Form link

Ms Sarah McGregor - English Head Teacher

Tips for parents of Tweens

When your child reaches 10 – 11yrs (or even earlier), they may start asking for their first smartphone and to use social media. So here are ten things to keep your Tweens safe online:

  1. If your child is asking for a phone, make sure that you get them to do a little presentation, or write a small project sheet, on a topic of cyber safety every week in the lead up to getting their phone.
  2. Think about the age recommendations; it is not illegal for a child to use social media under the age of 13yrs with their parents’ permission. But they need to remember to update their age on any site that has asked for it when they actually turn 13yrs. Like Facebook, for example. This way, the app will not think they are older. As an extreme example…if your child signs up to use Facebook when they are 10yrs, and they have to lie and say they are 13yrs…so by the time they are 15yrs if they haven’t adjusted the year they were born, the app will think they are 18yrs. Then they can get a Tinder account as it relies on Facebook for verification!
  3. Teach your kids to think twice before they accept a friend request. Just because someone is a friend of their big brother or sister or cousin who goes to another school does not mean they should let them into their life.
  4. Engage with them about their favourite social media app and get them to teach you about it so you can at least know the basics. Get them to show you how to block and report so you can be sure they know how too.
  5. Be a good role model. Keep your screen time in check. There is no use banning the phones from bedrooms if you go to bed with yours each night, for example.
  6. Help them to check and manage privacy settings. This is something you can do together when they are younger by making it a shared experience.
  7. Think twice before “sharenting.” Do not post photos of your kids in school uniform or school events or holding certificates with their full name and school name on it. You are letting the whole world know where they go to school. This can happen by “checking in” or geotagging a school as well.
  8. Ask them first when you are about to share their photo. Let your kids be involved in the decision making on whether they are ok with you posting a photo of them or not as young as possible. This will teach them to ask others first before they post pictures as they grow up.
  9. Put healthy boundaries in place. Don’t ban them from their device if they forget to do a household chore or are naughty for something totally unrelated to their device. Do not take it off them if they speak up about something that has happened online because you are scared either. This is the quickest way to drive all the conversations that you want to be having underground. Instead, if you have a healthy boundary like all devices are banned from the bathroom or bedroom. So then if they are caught with their device in either place, you ban them for a week. This way, they will learn that it is safe to speak up about what is going on online without punishment unless they break the rules about device use.
  10. Respect the classifications. The average age of a gamer is 35yrs old. Classifications are there for a reason. It is not ok for a child under the age of 18yrs to be playing R Rated games…even with their parents!!! If your child is playing online games, set healthy boundaries around time playing as well. All of the other tips above also apply to gaming.

Soon They’ll Be Teenagers Course

Wednesdays February 24–March 17 | 10am to 12pm

This 4-week course will provide you with new tools and strategies as well as knowledge of your child’s physical, social and emotional developmental changes. It will help you to develop awareness and strategies around your own reactions when your ‘buttons are pushed’ and establish clear boundaries whilst maintaining a positive connection. Four x 2 hour sessions.

Murwillumbah Community Centre. Cost: $20

To find out more call (07) 5524 8711 or email intake@thefamilycentre.org.au

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