A Healing Wound Kyle Raudenbush, Claire Shepro, and Andrina Nyengo

Mariam and Laila have a friendship like a healing wound.

Rasheed found Laila and dug her out of rubble after a rocket hit her house. He brought her back to his home where Mariam nursed her back to health. A little over a month after the arrival of Laila, Mariam suspects that Rasheed was trying to court Laila. The author writes, "I... I don't want this,' Mariam said, numb with contempt and helplessness" (Hosseini 214). This quote shows what Mariam is feeling when she found out Rasheed had intentions of marrying Laila. It also shows that Mariam did not want Laila living in the same household. This relates to the simile because Rasheed asking Laila to marry him injured the relationship between Laila and Mariam; which had caused the newly open wound.

Mariam is angry that Laila is getting so much attention from Rasheed that she falsely accuses Laila of taking her wooden spoon to anger her. Laila didn't take offense to Mariam's accusations at first until Mariam got more persistent about it. The author writes, " and it's possible you hid it somewhere, to aggravate me" (Hosseini 233). This quote shows that Mariam was looking for an excuse to start and argument with Laila. The argument starts to get more intense when Laila responds with, "you're a sad, miserable woman" (Hosseini 233). These quotes show that the wooden sppon was an excuse for them both to express how they actually felt towards each other. This relates to the simile by symbolizing the scab being reopened upon the original wound.

Mariam woke up in the middle of the night and stumbled upon Aziza. It was hot that night, and Mariam saw Aziza was covered in layers of blankets so she removed them. Mariam connected with Aziza that night when Mariam sat by her and let her play with her finger till she fell asleep. The author states, " two days later, Laila woke up in the morning and found a stack of baby clothes, neatly folded, outside her bedroom door" (Hosseini 247). This quote explains that Mariam cares for Aziza, although she won't admit it. This quote relates to the simile because Aziza is slowly bringing Mariam and Laila together. Aziza symbolizes the bandage in this hurt relationship, and she's helping heal the tender wound.

Laila and Rasheed had been going at each others throats since Laila had delivered a girl instead a boy and Rasheed thought Mariam had turned Laila against him. Rasheed had gone into Mariam's room with a belt and went to strike her but Laila grabbed his arm until he gave up, and Laila standing up for Mariam meant a lot to her. Mariam had also sewed Aziza new clothing after she spent the night with Aziza and Laila was really grateful for that, so she thanked Mariam for the clothes, and Mariam thanks Laila for standing up for her. The author writes, "and in this fleeting, wordless exchange with Mariam, Laila knew that they were not enemies any longer" (Hosseini 250). This quote shows that through all the things Mariam and Laila had gone through they had finally healed a wound they thought would never heal. This quote represents a scar that has formed where the once tender wound had been.

Mariam had become like a mother figure to Laila closer to the end of the book. This is displayed through multiple events, but the main one is when Mariam says she is taking the blame for murdering Rasheed. Laila does everything in her will to stop Mariam, but it was no use, for she wanted Laila, like a daughter to Mariam, to live a fulfilling life. Mariam states, "for me it ends here. There's nothing more I want. Everything I'd wished for as a little girl you've already given me. You and your children have made me so very happy. It's all right, Mariam Jo. Don't be sad" (Hosseini 358). This quote shows that Mariam cares for Laila like a daughter of hers. This quote is similar to a no longer existing scar, and a new patch of smooth skin that has grown in instead. This means that the once healing wound is now no longer a wound nor scar.

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