Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate! Ashley Badger, Diane Friend, Tracey Hosey

Why acceleration? The IL Accelerated Placement Act requires IL public school districts K-12 to establish policies that provide equitable access to grade acceleration, subject acceleration, and early entrance to kindergarten and first grade. (July, 2018)

What is Acceleration? Acceleration at its most basic understanding means the advancement of students in subjects at a rate and pace that matches their instructional level and it provides students access to appropriate curriculum for academic growth.

In order for children to grow to their fullest potential, we must nurture both their social-emotional and academic needs.

If we are not "the captain of our ship" we wind up somewhere misdirected during the river of life.
What are the possible pathways for acceleration that encourage continuous learning? There are 20 ways to accelerate students, Some of the possibilities include: ● Early entrance to Kindergarten ● Whole grade skipping ● Content acceleration ● Dual enrollment ● Early graduation.

Replacement courses - Some students will require additional acceleration in order to reach their instructional level.

Possible opportunities include: Skype/video conferencing, online learning, dual or concurrent enrollment

Content acceleration can be done in many ways: curriculum compacting, content acceleration across grade levels, content acceleration within a grade level
Primary Grade Pull Out
Accelerated Math
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