Life of Playboi Cart BY: aUSTIN hOPKINS

The following slide is about a new coming up artist by the name of Playboi Carti. His life changed in a matter of days and he's still learning way more and more everyday in his field of work. This is why I am informing you about Playboi Carti because fame hasn't changed him yet and he's still how he was growing up in Atlanta.

Playboi Carti aka Carti born was born on September 13th of 1996
Born in Atlanta, Georgia the home of rap, he grew up with his friends joining gangs while he was relaxed and kept to himself mostly
He is known for his hype music and rapping over a beat of the Play Station 2 loading sound
The breakout of his career began with ASAP Rocky signing him to his label, he has worked with multiple artists and Frank Ocean
Carti is very big into street wear fashion with his friend Ian Connor, you can see that him and his friends only wear Supreme, Vlone, Bape, etc.
Carti is working on his debut album "Cash Carti" that will release in 2
Carti and Maxo Kream worked on multiple songs that blew up all over the internet. Though their rap styles are very different they work together magically .
Carti has recently went on tour with ASAP MOB, these are his best friends and the guys who put him on.
Recent projects have involved Lil Yachty, one of his friends while he was coming up .They plan on dropping an album featuring each other.
This image contains Asap Rocky and Carti, their friendship has grown strong like brothers. They announced here that they'rem working on projects, that leads everyone to believe that Carti is going to blow up.
Carti has been doing photo shoots for different companies in LA showing appreciation to underrated companies. He is seen many times at a vintage/ street wear company known as Round Two that also has a show.

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