"speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson by Jacob Huebschmann

Melinda is a girl that battles depression because of an end of Summer party.She loses all of her friends because of what she did. She called the cops because she was raped by an upcoming senior and she was an upcoming freshman.Her best friend Rachel turns her back on her and so do the rest of her friends causing her freshman year to start horribly.

Melinda enters her freshman year with the wrong style of clothing,the wrong attitude,and no friends.Nobody sits with her on the bus and she struggles to make friends because the majority of the people at her school heard about what she did.

Throughout the year she becomes more and more depressed and further from her old self. She doesn't have a good support system to help her. Her parents don't back her up on anything and she doesn't have anybody to turn to as far as friends is concerned. This causes her to go into a deep depression making it less and less fortunate to tell anybody what has happened to her.

Towards the end she started to blossom and start to be more positive about things. She gains more friends and starts to be a little bit more trustworthy of new people.


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