Schindler list

What was the concept behind Oskar Schindler's list?

the story of Oscar Schindler who surfaced from the chaos of madness, spent millions bribing and paying off the SS and eventually risked his life to rescue the Schindler-Jews.

How were the Nazis able to seize full control of Jewish families and belongings?

Hitler and the Nazis sort to control every part of public life, including employment, education and the economy. The Nazis’ racial policies were at the centre of their ideals. The development of Germany as the master race was the focal point of their social, economic a political policies.

What are three differences between a ghetto and concentration camps?

Ghettos are much older than concentration camps. Concentration camps were not created in large cities like the ghettos.Unlike ghettos, the purposes of concentration camps were more appalling.

Was Oskar Schindler a war profiteer? Are the people who profit from wars morally responsible for them, or are they simply businesspeople

He was a German spy who travels to Poland at the onset of World War II in hopes of building a fortune as a military contractor, making pots and pans for the troops.

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