School Spirit

Hello, my name is Tyson. I researched school spirit. I was interested in this topic because I wanted to see are schools clubs and activities interest . The purpose of my research was to Find this out. To answer my research question I asked 11 people. The sample group was made up of random people. I picked this group because I needed data. I avoided sample bias by a random group generator.

I was expecting to find out if boys like more destruction and action than girls. I did find what I was expecting. On the individual answers I looked and saw I was correct. I was surprised to find That most people wanted after school activities because it would be fun. My survey did achieve its purpose. This is because of the questions I asked. These questions were not bias but they choose the answers i thought they would choose. (Point to graph in Summary of Responses report) I think that the results can not be applied to everyone in population. This is because everyone has there own opinion. The results of this survey can be used to create after school activities or clubs.

As a next step I would ask more people to take this survey. If I was to do my survey again I would not change some of the questions.


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