Preparing for Sectional head coach dusty cole

What are you doing to prepare sectionals? This time of year, many teams do not go extremely hard in practice and they try to stop doing as many contact drills as they do early in the year. We do not have that same philosophy. We like to continue to go hard and keep the intensity up. I feel like it is very easy to get sloppy if you aren't going full speed. So we will instead cut our practices back to an hr and a half or so instead of the two and half hour practices we have early in the year. But most drills we do are still very competitive and high intensity. We were fortunate enough to draw the bye the year. So we spent Monday and Tuesday of this week working on our stuff. Tuesday night we found out who we will play and we have spent Wed and Thursday preparing for that team. We also start working on special situations and game winning plays. The other thing we like to start doing is practice with some crowd noise and get used to the gym being loud. Communication can be much more difficult come tourney time then it is for a regular season game. We like to prepare for that as much as possible.
Who do you think will benefit the team? We have a solid basketball team this year that has continued to get better as the season has progressed. We are still fairly young, and don't have a senior on the roster, but we are a confident bunch that has the ability to make a postseason run. Because of our youth, we don't really have any star players on this team. Every single member has to do their part and that includes the JV players that won't even be dressing on Friday Night. If we are going to make something special happen, it will be a group effort. So I think everyone will have their chance to shine and benefit from the experience.
How do you think the competition is? We think Sectional 46 is the best in the state. We 5 teams with winning records in our sectional including the number 1 team in the state. There are also 5 teams ranked in the top 30 in 2A according to the Sagarin Ratings. It doesn't get any better then Sectional 46. Whoever advances out of our sectional will have a legitimate chance to play for a State Championship.
What do you expect from the team that night? We expect maximum effort, extreme focus, and high basketball IQ. One of the advantages this team has over most of our opponents is our minds. We have a bunch of kids that think about what their doing out there on the floor. We don't turn the ball over much and typically don't beat ourselves. The other important factor will be our collective play. Again, in order for us to advance we will have to get really good play out of everyone. If only 2-3 guys are ready to play, even if they have really big games, we will get beat. We need everyone playing well and everyone contributing some way. That is how it has been all year, but that will definitely be the case this weekend with such stiff competition.

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