Digital Learning Newsletter February 2020 by Jordan District Digital Learning Specialists

Nearpod Tip!

Nearpod and Microsoft's Immersive Reader have teamed up to improve reading and comprehension on all Nearpod created Slides and select activities within Nearpod. With this integration, students can:

  • Leverage text to speech capabilities
  • Adjust text size, font, and color
  • Label the parts of speech
  • Translate words or the entire block of text
  • View image references
  • And more!

In order to get started, users must enable the feature in their advanced settings. Do this by clicking on your picture in Nearpod and then click on the gearcog next to your name. Select Advanced in the menu on the left side of your screen. Select enable Immersive Reader.

Enabling this feature will grant access for every student on open-ended questions, draw-it questions, quiz activities and on Nearpod created slides. This feature is only available on web browsers and not in Nearpod's iOS App.

If you are interested in learning more about Nearpod, we have created an Introductory Canvas course that covers the Nearpod basics. Please reach out to your Digital Learning Specialist if you need additional support.

Direct Share by Canvas

Have you ever wanted to share that spectacular assignment or page you have in Canvas? Or you want to use great materials from someone else? Recently Canvas has made this a possibility. As a teacher, you can use Direct Share to copy individual pages in one course directly into another course in which you are enrolled. Direct Share also allows you to send pages to other instructors at your school. When you copy a page, everything within that page (images, files, etc.) will be included in your page copy.

You can do this with pages, assignments, quizzes, (not modules) etc. in Canvas. Just look for share or send to in the vertical elipse.

For more information, contact your Digital Teacher Leader or your Digital Learning Specialist.

Tech Tip: Lanschool Air

Every school in the District should have access to Lanschool Air. What is it? It is a monitoring tool that allows the teacher to see what the kids are doing on their computers, limit pages the students can go to, and send announcements out to the class. Teachers can also restrict access to the computers during parts of the lesson.

To access Lanschool Air, go to https://lanschoolair.lenovosoftware.com/ and sign in.

If you want to learn more about Lanschool Air, watch this pre-recorded webinar. (You will need to register.). Start at minute 5:30, stop at 8 and skip to 9:30. Watch until 22:30.

Adobe Tip

As teachers in the state of Utah, we have access to many of the tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud. To access these tools, go to https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html and sign in with your school Gmail account. Make sure you select Enterprise ID.

Create Utah

This month we want to spotlight Adobe InDesign. InDesign is made for publishing. You can produce and preview documents for magazines, newspapers and yearbooks, both in print and online. With InDesign content producers can quickly create page layouts for multipage documents. It works seamlessly with the rest of the Adobe suite so you can use it with Photoshop and Illustrator.

In class you could use InDesign to create brochures, infographics and posters. You could have students use InDesign to make book reports and presentations. There are so many options.

Adobe has developed many tutorials for both beginner users and expert users. Click on the link below to access the tutorials.

We have also developed a Canvas "course" with all of the tutorials available in Adobe. Feel free to explore the tools you are interested in learning more about.

Update on Adobe Spark... Link sharing is back! Your students can share their projects with you 3 ways: Downloading it (to print or to add to their Google Drive), adding you as a collaborator, or publishing and sharing the link with you. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.

Google Tip

Are you tired of the limited number of templates that are available to you in Google Slides and Powerpoint? Do you want something fun that you can add to your Slide Deck without a lot of effort? Check out these free slide template sites.

Screenshot from Slides Mania

We love the teachers in Jordan School District! Thank you all for your hard work that you do for the students every day.

Feel free to contact any of us if you need any help.

  1. Ross Menlove (Jordan Hills, Mountain Point, Ridge View, Southland)- ross.menlove@jordandistrict.org
  2. Deanna Taylor (Bastian, Blackridge, Daybreak, Elk Meadows, Falcon Ridge, Fox Hollow, Herriman, Jordan Ridge, Midas Creek, Oakcrest, Riverside, Riverton, Rosamond, Silver Crest, South Jordan, Terra Linda)- dtaylor@jordandistrict.org
  3. Bonnie Muir (Bluffdale, Butterfield Canyon, Columbia, Copper Canyon, Foothills, Hayden Peak, Heartland, Majestic, Monte Vista, Mountain Shadows, Oquirrh, Rose Creek, Welby, West Jordan, Westland, Westvale)- bonnie.muir@jordandistrict.org
  4. Ross Rogers (Eastlake, Golden Fields, Bingham High, Copper Mountain Middle, Elk Ridge Middle, Herriman High, Mountain Creek Middle, South Jordan Middle, Valley High, River’s Edge)- ross.rogers@jordandistrict.org
  5. Nancy Lagerberg (Copper Hills High, JATC North, Joel P. Jensen, South Valley, Sunset Ridge Middle, West Hills Middle, West Jordan High, West Jordan Middle)
  6. Elizabeth (Beth) Lewis (Fort Herriman Middle, JATC South, Kari Sue Hamilton, Mountain Ridge High, Oquirrh Hills Middle, Riverton High, South Hills Middle)- elizabeth.lewis@jordandistrict.org
  7. Kami Taylor (Center for STEM and Digital Learning)- kami.taylor@jordandistrict.org


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