The Reign of The Ganges The best river In-dia world


Why would I go there if I don't even know where IT is!

The Ganges river flows across most of the northern part of India. It starts in the Himalayan Mountains and leads into the gulf of Bengal.

What about the landscape is it beautiful!

The river makes its way south through magnificent rocks and ice formations. As well as the most beautiful mountains and valleys!

Well what is the geography like there.

You can see the biggest mountain range in the world. Grasslands and plains are also there as well.

Well what about the farming?

The river carries silt from the mountains provides rich soil for the sediment. As a result the northern contain some of the most rich and fertile farmland in the world!

Will there be enough water for me to survive.

Melted ice from the Himalayas provides the Ganges with an amazing supply of water.

Are there any big city's?

One of them is the city Allahabad and another one is Varanasi!

How big is the population there?

The Indian population is 1/7 the population of the whole entire world


  1. Amazing views and great nice people-popkings 4-5 stars
  2. Amazing food and cite sees- weird majestic toad 5-5 stars
  3. The best place ever nimroD da fiest 20-5 stars
  4. Horrible crops are all destroyed because of all the water that flooded when it was flooding season- eman2.0 1-5 stars
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