Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina By: Michaela Deprince with Elaine DePrince

Publisher: Random House Kids

Is it an autobiography or biography? If it is an biography write the name of the person who it is about?

It is an biography and it is about Michaela DePrince.

Early Life

Michaela was born on January 6, 1995. She was taken in by her Uncle after he father died at his factory job. Her Uncle was a very cruel man and would call her a devil child and that she wasn't allowed to have an education becuase of her gender. He called her a devil child because of the diffrent color spots on her skin also known as Vitalgo. Her Uncle later brought her to a orphanage because he did not want to take care of her anymore becuase that was any extra body to clothe and to feed. After being taken to the orphanage she became number 27. While she was called number 27 she met Mabinity Suma and they altered became sisters along with Mia. A picture of a ballerina blew into the gate, and landed right where her face was and she treasured this picture on the way back to America but it was loss in their luggage. After moving to America she soon started taking dance lessons and she really loved classical ballet.

What where her accomplishments?

In the summer of 2012, she was invited to join the American Ballet and also invited to join the Dance Theartre of Harlem. She ended up deciding to join the Dance Theatre of Harlem for the 2012-2013 ballet season. She was able to experience and learn many new things while performing with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She was also featured in the ballet documentary "First Position." While filming "First Position" the film maker followed her around and took clips of her practicing and working on her pieces for the Youth America Grand Prix. She even traveled back to Africa to perform with the South African Mzansi Ballet's production. The company's production of Le Corsaire is her debut performance as a professional would be as part of a corps. She was able to perform her debut performance in her home country.

Any Negative aspects of her life?

Her parents died when she was a tiny pikin (what she called children). She was considered as a devil's child because of the spots becuase of a skin condition vitiligo. Her uncle was very abusive and wouldn't allow her or her mother to eat for days. She also saw her teacher get killed by the debils and kill her teachers baby.

What influence did this person have on the community, or world?

She had major influence on the community because when the U.S embassy invited her her to give a motivational talk in a school. When she went to the school she was nervous becuase she rembered her middle school , but when she walked into the room it fell silent. She said, "these courteous and dignified students probably motivated me far more than I motivated them that day." She made many girls believe that they can to become a ballerina and put in just as much effort as anybody else. While motivating people she proved not only to herself that becoming a ballerina wasn't impossible.

Would you recommend this book to any one else? Why or Why not

I would recommend this book to many people because it is an very interesting story and tells what she had to go through as kid and even as an adult to get to where she is right now.

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