Kids are Stupid Barrett Kintzinger

Humans are the most interesting species on the planet. We like to think that we are better than every animal in some aspects and we make sure that they never forget that.

However, that stardom doesn’t come without any consequences. Unfortunately, we are the most idiotic species. For some reason, we act the dumbest even though we have one of the most complex brains. Adults rarely act stupid, because they don’t have time to do so, but they aren't the problem with the human race, it’s the kids that bring us down.

Some of the most annoying things we do as kids makes me wonder how our parents put up with it. One of the best examples is that we say “No” to anything.

Another thing that kids do is never listen. No matter what you say to them, it seems like it enters one of their ears and goes straight out of the other. Then, they look at you like you're speaking another language.

For some reason, we try to interpret our favorite superhero cartoons that we watch and think that we are invincible like they are, so we believe that we can do anything and it won’t harm us or our body.

I’ve done this when I thought it was a wonderful idea to ride down a hill on a decade old scooter. I stared down the steep hill and took the final push off the ground. That decision of going down the hill would change in a matter of seconds. I was going so fast the trees went pass me in milliseconds. I didn’t make it to the bottom of the hill.

And it was very painful.

Kids are stupid, but we were all kids at one point, so I guess we are stupid.

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