The Adventures Of Huckleberry Fin By Ryin Hernandez

When was the Book published?

The book was published on a December 10th 1884. It was later published the next year in the USA on February 18th 1885.

The most nOtable events and people at the time it was written/Published?

At this time Americans and Europeans were still gaining some rights we have today. For example Mississippi made the 1rst US college for women who, at that time weren't allowed to get an education in college. At this time America had a democrat president, Chester A. Arthur.

How do his books comment on society at that time?

According to Twain wrote about slavery in his books, which could hint as to what was happening at this time. It was a time before slaverly had been looked down upon. Even though skaverly was ebolished in 1865 Twain still lived through that time and knew what happened which is why he wrote about it.


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