How expensive is it really do live in NJ? Jessica FARR

There are many issues in New Jersey. One of the major problems is that everything is so expensive but, how expensive is it really? What I am trying to show in my work is how expensive it really is to live in NJ and why people have to leave because no one can afford it. An average house in NJ cost $289,000 according to In my photographs am showing houses for sale and high gas prices which are two main problems that show how expensive it is. I wanted my work to show one of the number one issues of trying to live in NJ.

Houses for sale in NJ

Bloomingdale Nj Butler Nj Kinnelon NJ

Theses are just 3 different houses that are for sale in a 3 different towns. Each house has its own unique style but they all have one thing in common. As you see in my photographs each house has all different doors, but the thing they have in common is that they all are someones home. Each house belongs to a family who either wants to or needs to move because they can't afford to live in NJ anymore so they have to more somewhere cheeper and down size.

Gas Station Prices

Another major problem in NJ is that gas prices are too high. In these photographs i am showing a few local gas stations to show how expensive gas is and how they differ in each town.

Sunoco gas station in Pompton Lakes
Randolph NJ
Bloomingdale NJ
Kinnelon NJ
Riverdale NJ
Pompton Plains NJ
Pequannock NJ
Lincoln Park NJ
Montville NJ
Butler NJ

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