Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Robert Delk

Nature On Display: Growing up I have always been fascinated by our oceans, and the life that calls it their home. Going to the FLMNH was a very fun way to bring back my love for Marine Biology........

The display of many of the species of marine life was very intriguing to me. Being able to experience the immense complexity, and size of many of the prehistoric life found at the FLMNH.

Nature And Ethics: Experiencing the vast diversity and beauty of the Butterfly exhibit was truly breathe-taking. Seeing the reaction my friends had, while being able to be so interactive with nature was very heart-warming. Walking along the path while many different species of butterfly passed by was an experience I will never forget. I felt a sense of love for the butterflies, much like what Leopold described.

Nature And The Human Spirit: Interacting with the butterflies allowed me to reconnect with my love and appreciation of nature. The Natural History museum brought me to a place of peace and happiness, much like I used to experience as a kid playing with nature in my backyard.

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