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PATRICK AHRENS - Young and involved 

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Aaron Castle - The Tiny House Project

If you live in the Santa Clara County, homelessness is an epidemic you see every day. It is snuck in between the middle class trying to make ends meet on wages that barely make the cut for a living wage and the upper class that is caught up with the future of technology. We’re so used to defining homelessness as anyone who lives in the streets and we tend to forget that there are homeless people who still go to work, have bills to pay but are still homeless. Aaron Castle who lives in California fits this description. Castle and his fiancee saw their money evaporate into thin air. As fast as their salary came in, the money would have to be used to pay bills. It was an endless cycle they were desperate to break out of and they saw the Tiny House Project as the solution. The Tiny Houses is a movable structure that is built on wheels with the intention of providing the homeless with a housing solution that is more affordable and independent. After building one of their own, Aaron and Candace started getting involved in the community that is driven to build more of these tiny houses. Jerry Wilburn who is also featured in the video above is a homeless advocate in San Jose State University and is working with other Tiny House advocates to build a Tiny House Village in the Santa Clara county similar to an existing village in Santa Rosa.

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