Imagination Can imagination reveal truths that reality hides?

Today in class we formed our groups and decided that we are going to do imagination as our next WOK.

Today we took the quiz on imagination and I failed it the first time. I really didn't have much time to prep for the quiz as I was really busy with other things. I feel like a lot of this badge business is sort of kind of all blurring into one thing. I feel rushed a lot of the time, and like I don’t have enough time to do anything. Class time allows me to get a lot done but I find that when I don’t have time to journal in class and such I just don’t do it. This also goes with the digital portfolio. I have yet to complete my portfolio for the last WOK and all my work is kind of building up. After taking the quiz today we were given the opportunity to kind of talk a little about what we want to do. We have yet to decide however we have a general idea of what we kind of want to do.

Today Mr. Morrison wasn’t in class with us and we had to work on our own. We have decided that we want to do our presentation on reality and imagination. Mr. Morrison told us that we need to connect our WOK with another WOK and we decided to do sense perception. I think that our presentation will actually be quite interesting. We are slightly disagreeing with some things however because one group member just is hard headed. Our presentation will consist of a short presentation and probably some sort of activity but we are really struggling with finding something to do with the class.

We just presented our presentation, and I think it went quite well. Mr Morrison didn’t really have anything bad to say or any sort of concerns with our content. Overall we met all the requirements necessary and I enjoyed doing it. Now that I’m reflecting back however, I find that there is one member in my group that I really do not want to work with ever again. It just created too much negative energy and added stress/not keeping focused. I was generally surprised with the “inventions” people in the class came up with for their hw. Only three people actually did it, however, they were quite innovative and imaginative. I think imagination is a really interesting WOK and really quite broad and easy to do. I highly recommend people to do this WOK as it was actually quite fun.

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