Hercules The amazing super hero

Hercules was known for be courageous and for having self-confidence. He was also playful and kind. Hercules was from ancient Greece. He was worshiped in many temples all over Greece and Rome. Hercules was raised by his mortal mom named Alcmene, and her husband named Amphitryon.

Hercules was a hero. He saved a lot of people with his strength. One day Hera heard that Zeus was having another child so she sent to snakes to kill Hercules but he was so strong that he killed the snakes before they could kill him. When Hercules was older Hera wanted her revenge so she put a spell on Hercules. It made him kill his wife and two kids. Hercules was so sad so he went to Apollo because he wanted to be punished so Apollo had him do the 12 labors.

Hercules was famous because he was a hero! He saved a lot of people. Also by doing the 12 labors, the manner of his death, and for being a demigod. Hercules was loved by many people that is why the worshiped him.

That is Hercules father, Zeus

Some experiences that made Hercules famous is that he was a child of Zeus, Zeus was a very famous God. He was kind and super friendly, He liked to play with kids. Also when he did the 12 labors.

These where the 12 labors that Hercules had to complete.

I admire Hercules because of his heroic actions, He was fearless, and he was kind. One of his heroic actions was when he completed the 12 labors. He was fearless because he did not want to let people down. Hercules had a tough life. He completed many daunting tasks-but the reward for his suffering was a promise that he would live forever among the gods at Mount Olympus.

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