Krampus One Bad Santa ClaUs

Every Christmas was a jolly day for everyone. The happiest day for even the meanest people on the world...well except for the bad children. Every night children all over the world would be visited by "Santa Claus" and gifted with gifts that they would enjoy. But the bad kids would get "coal". Oh haha but no that was only for the children he got to in time. There isn't just one Santa Claus there's actually two of them but the second ones name is Krampus.

Krampus would go after the "Naughty" kids before Santa Claus could get to them. Krampus would snatch the kids and ether eat them right there in there room. Or save them for later to hold off for the whole year to recap.

Santa Claus knew that he couldn't get there in time for all the kids so he only went after the bad kids who weren't as bad as they could be.

Krampus did kill who ever got in his way of the kids he wanted to feed on. The parents, close or even loved ones were all killed off. Even the brave...

Wait Santa has toys didn't he? He dropped them off for the kids right?

HA, not for Krampus. The toys helped him kidnap the kids and get rid of the parents.

These toys did kill and eat as well. Krampus needs all the help he can get.

This haunted kids at night. Making them pray to not be visited my Krampus at night. But praying never helped. He came no matter what you did nor who stands in his way.

Krampus terrified all kids to be good. These stories terrified me as a kid. Every bad thing I did my mom would remind me and then Christmas Day comes I'd hope for the best and rather wake up to coal then, the middle of the night to Krampus.


Krampus was tall and ether had a fur coat on or off. He had hooves for feet. Goat legs and horns, but human hands with long sharp nails. His teeth were big and sharp. He was bony but that was only when he came back on Christmas night. Afterwords he wasn't so bony.

This is a link to the ending of the movie.

They teach this folk tale to kids to scare them of course. But to stop the bad children from being so bad. To make them do good and be distracted from evil/bad things.

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