Syrian Revolution does a revolution get better?

What was challenging for me was finding good research about what is happening now, since the revolution is still happening today. Also finding a good website to rely on. What I found that was very interesting is how one kid that draws graffiti started this major revolution. Yes there was other reasons, but this is what sparked Syria. This project changed my outlook on revolutions because of how they started. At first I thought it was just a simple war. But there are a lot of stages that happen before an actual war breaks out. I chose this modern day revolution because I've heard about it a lot and thought it was very interesting. Also the revolution looked like it had a lot of incidents and good information.

Incubation stage: What started this revolution? Authorities have been acussed of harassing and imprisoning human rights. There was a report of wide spread abuse and torture of Syrian people since the war started back in 2011. Inhuman acts have been going on to the citizens, elderly women have said to have mental and physical trauma. Another thing Is bad government, there leader Bashar al-Assad brother back when he ruled has crushed member of the opposition and maintaining strict control over the rights of the people. People in Syria mainly complained about the lack of democracy, human rights violation, and the amount of corruption with the Ba'ath party.

Systematic stage

Kids got killed for drawing graffiti on a building and train. This graffiti was a piece of protest and this has triggerd the civil war. There was a report of a male detainees death in 2014, before which he was beaten during the torturous interrogations. There was a loss of oil production, which affected the citizens because this ment they were loosing money. Here's an article that I found some good information on After security forces opened fire on demonstraters, killing several, more took to the streets.

The Syrian revolution has hit the crisis stage. Some events that are taking place are that 250,000 people were killed and forced from there homes and its still raging. A 13 year old kid was purple in the face, his skin was covered in cuts, gashes, deep burns and bullet holes. Bashar who has violated human rights did this to this 13 year old kid. 300 hundred people were reported dead in 6 days. Arab league officials prepared to travel to Syria to monitor a peace plan, activist reported that Syrian forces had surrounded villagers in a valley in the Northern Jabal al-Zawiya killing more than 100 people with an onslaught of rockets, tank shells, and bombs in an effort to root out army defectors. - this was called the bloodiest day of the Syrian revolution. “The smell of decomposed bodies, sewage, and destruction.” This was reported in every house. 49 children and 34 women were murdered entire families were gunned down in there homes. Syria is still not any better today.

I feel like the effects would be people still hating each other and the governments wont get along because of how strongly they feel about each other. The recovering process will take a while since there was a lot of conflict and damage that was done. I think the outcome of this revolution will be the leader will hopefully listen to the people or the people will finally get a new ruler who will bring peace back to there country. Also that they will have security and be able to go back to there homes and feel safe again. But according to how Syria is now, I cant really picture them getting back in good terms with each other. I hope this civil war will be over soon, because its devastating seeing all these people getting killed and seeing a terrible ruler treating his people like that.

The similarities of the French revolution and the Syrian revolution is that they both do not support there leader and disagree with there decisions. Money was a big issue for both of these civil wars, the rulers of these countries did not feel the need to spend things on the people saw important. Protest, both revolutions started with a simple protest over unfair government and living issues. Both of the rulers made no changes or improvements for the people. Anyone who went against Louis and Bashar would be killed or arrested by the government.

The differences between the Syrian revolution and the French revolution was that the French revolution started in 1789 and lasted 10 years but then ended in 1799. But the Syrian revolution began in 2011 and is still going on until this day. They both did have protest but the French was very violent at first but the Syrians had a peaceful protest that triggered into violent things. The french revolutions goal was to overthrow the tyrannical government that has ruled them for a while, but the Syrians are trying to over throw there leader Bashar and also trying to end the Ba'ath party. The French used a deadly weapon named the guillotine. Which cut off peoples heads. Syria did not use a deadly weapon like this. Although Syria did use deadly guns.



Created with images by Beshr Abdulhadi - "IMAG0158" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "Syria map: Hard-to-reach and beseiged areas as of 6 May 2014" • Kurdishstruggle - "Kurdish YPG Fighter" • Arian Zwegers - "Damascus, near Umayyad Mosque, woman"

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