Production Journal Brennan Browley

Role Research

Sound Mixer: - member of the film crew responsible for organising all sound-related aspects of filming; i.e mics, sound volumes, and syncing

Distribution Possibilities

In order to make sure that our make is viewed by as many potential viewers as possible, we could upload the make to popular video-sharing networks such as Youtube, in order to facilitate viewing and sharing on a wide range of devices. Due to the high level of usage of both the internet and Youtube in the modern market, our make will be able to reach many different consumer groups. We can also utilize traditional paid-for advertisement and word-of-mouth advertisement, in order to increase the amount of people that know about, and subsequently watch, our make.

Final Evaluative Production Report

We put a lot of effort into planning our make, and thoroughly went over the script and our jobs, in order to make sure we had no mistakes in our final product, and in order to produce a high quality end film. Overall, I think my group worked very well with each other, and any ideas or concerns anyone had were taken into account before we went to film. During the filming stage, we were able to iron out any technical problems we had during our first few tries. Filming something worthy of being the final product took us some time, but we managed to film something we were all happy with right before the end of our two-hour slot.

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