James Geddy Jr. In Williamsburg By: Bodhi Lavine


The piece of wood on top of the log is called an adze. Adzes are used to chop wood. Adzes are similar to axes. The difference is that with an ax, you would swing it horizontally, but with an adze you would swing it vertically.

This is an adze blade. The difference between an adze blade and an ax blade is that an adze blade has a bump and the end of it curves and sharpens where as the ax has a symmetrical blade.

This is a church in which people prayed. People were required to go to church twice a day and on Sunday they had to go to church three times. The bells sound when they had to go to church.


Cabinet Store

This is a dresser with secret compartments. The green cloth protects the books from being ruined.
A plane

I would go to the cabinet shop. There I would get a cabinet with hidden compartments. I would hide money and other valuable possessions in the secret compartments. I would get a very nice cabinet because I can afford it.

The shop is very nice and a little bit messy in the back. There are little shavings of wood on the floor. It is very neat in the shop.

I would get the cabinet by going into the shop and placing and order for a cabinet or I would go to the shop and see if they have something ready that I like. That way I can get it right away.

Peyton Randolph's House

Peyton Randolph's House
A cabinet with secret compartments
One of the two parlors

This house belongs to Peyton Randolph. I would sometimes visit his house to deliver silver products that he ordered. Also, we are both in the gentry class so we might see each other at dinners.

The purpose of the parlor shown above is that guests would wait in it. When there is a guest that comes into your home they would wait and be greeted in the parlor. The thing above the fire place is a mirror. It is used for reflecting light and for seeing your own reflection. The thing in the fire place blocks the smoke from the fire, from getting into the room.

My favorite item in the house is the cabinet with hidden compartments. I like this item because I have something very similar. The cabinet has drawers with secret compartments. I think that this is very cool.

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