A DAY IN THE LIFE OF LELAH BYRON Abigail Cook, Signature School

Waking bright and early, senior Lelah Byron uses just five eyeliners to get her wings just right. Byron feels her eyeliner is one of her statement features, and doesn't mind beginning her day a bit earlier to get the job done.
Byron walking alongside senior Lily Spagnuolo, her partner in the TV News Room workshop, to the IU cemetery in order to film for Spagnuolo's story on whether or not the university is haunted. This scenic route was one of many taken during a long day of filming for both girls' stories.
Working quietly in the Union, Byron prepares her interview questions for a segment in her short film on free trade, a topic near to her heart given she is the president of the free trade club at her school. "First and foremost, I think fair trade should be about the people that it encompasses in different countries. So, it's all about the rights of workers and making sure that we establish good connections with the people that are making the products that we so enjoy in America," said Byron.
Byron shoots some film of the Global Gifts store in Bloomington, where she interviewed the president of Fair Trade Bloomington, Mary Embry. The two chatted for a little over an hour on the topic of fair trade.
Some jewelry bits found at Global Gifts. Byron discussed the distribution of these bracelets from Kenya in her stand-up portion of the film, also touching on how the store emphasizes fair trade and multiculturalism.
Dangling at her side, Byron's reusable water bottle proudly displays her belief that plastic waste should be kept to a minimum. She purchased this sticker at her school's Earth Day event. "Did you know that by 2050 plastic in the ocean will outweigh marine life," asks Byron, as to make a statement about the increasing volume of plastic waste.
Byron and Spagnuolo ending the day filming Lily's alternative topic about the Beck Chapel on campus. Byron served as a stress reliever throughout the day, aiding Spagnuolo in the creative process.

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