Effective poster Design

There are four key factors that affect design impact

legible text
Backgrounds and colour
Graphics for impact

Legible text

information should flow from left to right and from top to bottom
columns allow readers who may be unfamiliar to easily follow the direction of your information
for ease of reading nothing beats black text on a light background


effective posters are spacious and easy to follow
adequate clear space will direct attention to key elements
remember the eye looks for edges,so align photographs,headings,text materials and axes in groups of graphs

Backgrounds and colour

Colours and backgrounds should be subtle.
Some of your audience may be colour blind so make sure contrasts are high between bars of graphs.The most common form of colour blindness effects red and green

Graphics for impact

aim for 40%graphic content,try to find ways to show things visually
graphics should be attractive,clear and specific
viewers see what they are told to see in an image, so provide captions for your graphics


Created with images by cwizner - "paint brush color" • PublicDomainPictures - "artistic bright color" • matuska - "background pencil letter" • qimono - "idea empty paper" • 422737 - "colour pencils color paint" • Real Cowboys Drive Cadillacs - "the fern"

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