Boo Boo Ville By lake coleman wilson

czar abooboo

The politics of this utopia is made up of one leader who makes all the decisions. The leader is called czar abooboo. He creates all the rules and doesn't take advice from nobody but his sister/wife. They try and keep the blood clean. There really isn't a whole system of politics because this one man is in charge.

Economics: Only those of royal blood were rich. The people who work for the royal family made more money than other people, this includes guards. The men who would fight get paid as much as people who work for the royal family. Everybody else is poor. They don't let the poor have jobs because they don't want them to have an idea that they can get money for themselves. It's this way because the rich royalty is very greedy and they only way to become rich is to marry into the family or work for them.

King Shankuko Abooboo

Citizens believe in Shankuko Abooboo and they pray to him to ask for forgiveness. Legend has it that, king shankuko abooboo founded the land before anyone else and gave leadership to czar abooboo I to run the country as shankuko wanted.

  • Rich: People of royal blood/ apart of the family
  • The fighters: People who fight in tournaments for the royal family entertainment.
  • wee-poor: People who work in the castle or for the royal family.
  • Poor: Everybody else who doesn't have a job
  • Children didn't go to school, they got no education because it didn't exists. The families were more worried about making their sons big and strong to become a fighter.

They royal family loves to watch people fight. Thats what they get their entertainment from. They also take enjoyment from playing tic-tac-toe.

booboo coins
This is the country flower and it was King Shankuko Abooboo favorite flower.
Really small country.
What the average persons house looked like.
They didn't have indoor plumbing.
The poor rode bikes everywhere.
The stores looked like this. They contained every thing a person needs to survive. They were always ran down and picked all over.
The rich and the fighters rode in a buggy like this.
Homeland dish for the average people was this leftover beef they gave to them
The castle of the first royal family.

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