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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

We are women, we have insecurities.

Everyone has something, and if you're anything like me you aim straight for your flaws. Perhaps it's your tummy, and while you're grateful you've been able to grow your babies in it, you'd also really like to lose the extra weight that won't seem to budge. Maybe it's your ears, because no matter how many times you try to forget, when you buy a new pair of sunglasses you're quickly reminded they're crooked. Maybe you'd love your butt better if it just didn't have those dimples. I want you to know you're not alone, women have grown up seeing images of what we ought to be, what is sexy and what is worthwhile, and few of us meet that mark. Whatever it might be, its there, and that ok!

But let me ask you this... What do you think everyone else sees?

Beauty, passion, intelligence, compassion, love and heart.

A truly incredible woman.


To the place where you realize that you are beautiful, including these areas that we so badly want to erase. Where you can find that raw piece of you. Your whole self.

A Renewed perspectiveof yourself.

now, on to the good stuff


I am super pumped to be able to offer you a full service and life changing experience!

THE PROCESS in a nut shell

  • Read through the information here as it should help you narrow down the questions during your phone chat.
  • Schedule your session date and let the planning begin.
  • Choose your wardrobe or better yet, treat yourself to something new with tips from me.
  • Helpful tips and prep guide once your session approaches
  • The fun begins and your session lasts about 1-2 hours depending on which session you choose.
  • You are sore the next day from all of the awesome poses i make you do ;)
  • Your reveal appointment takes place approximately 1-2 weeks after your session.
  • Your amazing products are ready for pick up 4-6 weeks after your reveal.
And if I asked you to name all of the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name YOURSELF? -unknown-

The Consult:

Read though the info here, it should help narrow down your questions for your phone consult. Don't worry, we will chat about all the details. It is so much easier to go over the process and answer any questions you might have on the phone.

This lets me get to know you better and customize your session to suit you and your personality. This is your time to shine, Babe. We will plan a killer session and show you just how beautiful you are or much of a badass you can be!

Remember to Give yourself time. During your consult, we will schedule the date for your session. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you are on a strict deadline as we usually book a few months in advance and process itself takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

PARTY TIME. The Session:

The fun part! Your session takes place in our luxury boudoir studio in Innisfail. We offer a variety of set looks and it helps keep it secret just in case you can't kick someone out of the house without them knowing.

I love offering a FULL service experience. You get to come in, get your makeup done, get pampered, feel amazing, and then head home! You don't need to worry about a clean home, having clean sheets, no kids at home (this time is for you, and you alone), or decluttering or decor! You get to feel amazing and I worry about all the details!

Your session lasts around 1-2 hours, depending on which session package you choose (add 60-90 min for hair and makeup).

You can bring or show me as many outfits as you would like and we will go over them together at the beginning of your session and I will help you choose what would work best for our lighting at your body type. Your session will include 1-2 outfits or 2-3 outfits and implied/tasteful nudes. I recommend this number so that when we are choosing your images at your reveal and they are created as products, you are focusing on who is in the photos, not what you are wearing. The same goes for props. I don't typically shoot with them. When you break it down, a lot of times we are unknowingly hoping that we can hide behind these objects that we bring.


This is the moment that we have been working for! Your reveal and ordering session takes place approximately 1-2 weeks after your session is complete.

Your reveal is held in studio and you can come as comfy as you wish (who doesn't like wine and pyjamas, or no pants, I don't judge). We keep all of our amazing samples to show you here and this helps keep the secret from that special someone if you are gifting your images. If you are long distance and a second travel back isn't an option, we can do a screen share reveal session or a next day reveal (we will talk about options for our out of town clients during your phone consult).

The best part is that you get to see your images for the first time in your personalized slide show that I create for your viewing! After we've seen how badass and incredible you look, we go through your images one by one and pick out your favourites. The bonus of this in person reveal is that I am able to show you the amazing products you get to choose from! You get to touch and feel so you don't have to try and imagine what they would be like.

In around 4-6 weeks following your reveal session (or your final payment if you are on an in house payment plan), you will get the call! Your products are in and ready to be picked up. YAY!

You will leave your reveal session feeling incredible and empowered as a woman!

Keep Reading for some awesome pre-session tips and for full pricing details.

A Few Prep Tips...

We will remind you of these things closer to your date, but here are a couple things we like to touch on throughout the process.

Hydrate. A week before your session, increase your water intake! We want soft, glowing skin and staying hydrated will definitely aid in that.

Nails. A detail often overlooked. Either treat yourself to a mani/pedi a 1-3 days before your session, or make sure you come in with clean trimmed nails. Try to avoid wild fashion colors that will conflict with your outfit choices or the neutral tones of the studio.

Hair. PROMISE us you won't hit up the hair salon and make a drastic change the day before your session. If you'd like a touch up or a cut and color, try to schedule this appointment a week before your session. That gives you plenty of time for corrective measure should the worst happen.

Waxing/Shaving. Use your best judgement on waxing based on the growth rate of your hair if this is something you intend on doing. Give yourself at least 24 hrs for your body to reduce any inflammation. Shaving can be done the morning of your session. Do what you can to avoid razor burn as major editing can add additional editing costs.

Packing. Pack your bag the night before. There might be enough nerves and jitters without running around doing last minute packing. We want to avoid forgetting something you really wanted to bring and if you are like me, you will need to locate items all over the house.

Sleep. Get plenty of sleep! Literally talking about beauty rest here. It will really do wonders for your mindset and that gorgeous face of yours!

And finally, if you opt for hair and makeup (highly recommended), we work with an amazing stylist and you won't be disappointed! Makeup for photos is a little different than the everyday, so if you are at all worried, leave it to us and treat yourself to the full experience!


We love our flexible options for payment plans! Payment plans are fantastic for our clients who want to make a proprietary investment in their beauty and self esteem, but pricing may not be one swipe of a bank card for them. Below we illustrate ways we try to make this experience as accessible as possible for as many women as we can.


Our Boudie Bank Account is a cute way of saying "pre-payment." Some of our ladies opt to do a pre-session payment plan so they can get their products faster after their reveal. It's super flexible so you can pay however much you want, whenever you want. The funds that you pay into the "account" are sitting there waiting for you to use as a credit at your reveal.


Our in-house payment plan is a very flexible solution for instalments for any purchase. Your order total can be broken into installments for up to 6 months (14 payments) from the date of your reveal. Your first payment is due at your reveal and the next consecutive payments are bi-weekly on Fridays. You can choose whether to EMT or auto charge your payments from a credit card; either way, a credit card is required to be kept on file. Products will be ready for pickup 4-6 weeks following the completion of the instalment agreement.


Our referral program is the easiest way to get some cash taken off your final order total at your reveal. Refer a friend and you'll both gain $50 in studio credit! Once your girlfriends' session fee is paid and they have made it onto our schedule, we will make a note of your credit in your client file. You may apply this to your upcoming order, or for your next boudie session with us!


No products or digital images included in session fees. All images are purchased separately at your reveal appointment.

ONE: $300

1 Hour Session, 1-2 Outfits, Complimentary Professional Makeup, In Studio Reveal session

TWO: $450

2 Hour Session, 3-4 Outfits, Option for nudes, Complimentary Professional Makeup, In Studio Reveal Session

Hair styling can be added for an additional $75. We recommend having a professional stylist and don't you worry, we know just the Gal for the job!

Product Pricing and Collections

Need a little more info about our amazing products? Here is a short breakdown of each one!

Image Box - Opens from the top and you get to choose your cover material. Inside are 10 prints mounted on a 3mm white styrene.

DECADENCE Album - This is our amazing luxury album line. It is a Canadian product. Your images touch the edges of the spreads for a beautiful high-end feel and the covers for this album line are to die for!

WALL ART BABY! - Your image is printed directly on to a piece of aluminum! They are AMAZING! Super high gloss, high contract and vibrant colors! We can choose the perfect image for the perfect spot, depending on the feel that you want!

Image Folio - This is a mini skinny book. It opens once and there is one image on either side (2 images total).

Phone App - This is essentially a mini electronic to go album. It will include the same images as the large item in each collection that it is in. You can download your app on to as many phones as you would like. This does not take the place of digital images.

Retro viewfinder - Remember that binocular toy we all loved so much when we were kids? YUP! The one we have is black and comes in a little black box with a reel of 7 of your images. (If in a collection, you can swap this item out for an image folio or a matching set of 2 mini accordion albums).

Matching set of 2 mini accordion albums - These are super popular! You get a matching set of 2 (one for you, one for a special someone if you choose). They magnetize closed so you can carry them around with you anywhere to show them off to your girlfriends!


If you haven't already, It's time to schedule your consult! You can do that HERE.

Give me a call at 403-597-5215 and we will get this party started!


Contact us and let us know you are ready to take the next step in your self love journey. Head on over to our website and fill out the contact form and we will be in touch to schedule your phone consult.

Don't forget to join our VIP CLUB email list to make sure you get first dibs and access to specials and all the of the great news at EFP Studios! www.efpstudios.com/vip-club

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