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William lee

Once upon a time there was a guy called William Lee he was the first person to invent the knitting machine in 1589. Before this all the women knitted the old fashion way and still do but one day in 1589 William Lee invented the knitting machine whe

William lee was born in 1563. He was an English clergymen and inventor He entered Christ’s college, Cambridge in 1579 as a sizar and graduated from St. Johns College in 1582.

In 1614 William Lee died in Paris and his brother James returned to

England and disposed of most of the frames in London

In 1589 Lee invented the knitting machine. William made this knitting machine because his wife was a slow knitter, this made everything a lot easier for his wife and knitting for the world. The original frame for this knitting machine had 8 needles to the inch which only produced only coarse fabric. Lee then later improved the knitter to 20 needles to the inch witch was dealing with finer fabric. Once Lee had made his knitting machine and demonstrated his knitting to Queen Elizabeth 1 hoping to obtain a patent, but Elizabeth refused Later on Lee entered a partnership with Gorge Brooks on 6th of June 1600. Then William Lee later moved to France with 9 work men and 9 frames.

1563 a little boy called William Lee was born and ready for his whole

World to be ready and start inventing. In 1589 Lee had his knitting machine up and bright for Queen Elizabeth to see but was later refused. 1600 Lee moved

To France and entered a partnership and William Lee later

Died in Paris and his brother James took the frames back to London.

By Serena

Dog trouble

Quietly mum and I sank into the soft black leather couch after a busy shopping day. Quickly I tur on the loud and chatty TV. Slowly my eyes start to shut into a peaceful dream. Dribble by dribble.

Owwwww! Suddenly I jumped and raced outside to see what had happened. Billy our little jack Russel (I think) had fallen into a hole while play fight with cheddy. “Mum mum quick’’. She raced outside in a beautiful black dress half ready to go out for the night. Quickly she grabbed him and ran into her bed room and laid him there. I got comfortable and lay there with him. A river of tears fell upon my blushed red cheeks. That one night billy had been sick on the bed a few times and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The waking sun woke me up ready for school. Mum drop me off and later took my beautiful baby to the vet. I saw the car and raced. “Where’s billy where’s billy’’. Mum had put billy down. More tears fell down and filled my mouth taste with salt and my cheeks went wet. We put him in the spear room. I said “R.I.P Billy goodnight’’

The day I only met you once

You were nice but now you’re not

I lost not one but seven of you

As I grew up I lost many of my favourite things and two most important people

The day we got our trip to Hawaii

You changed my life around when you told me you were coming back here


Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble

A wing of a pigeon, a foot of a duck

Now there won’t be any luck

Tuatara’s spike with a frogs bite

Slime from an eel which a seal will go

A dolphin’s fin with whale’s skin

Gannet’s beak when it’s old and weak

Fur of a long tail bat and a tail of a water rat

Garden snail, everything will bail

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron just bubble bubble bubble

Crab attack

Running along the hot soft yellow sand. Bailey, Madi and I meet up with the dark oystered rocks, crystal clear rock pools, and slimy seaweed, with smooth drift wood. Taking photos of little fish, star and many more. A hidden beach with a forest, beach hut and a big wooden chair with a path up to a house.

Bailey moving rocks with a million scattered crabs. His big wide chunky hands reach out for poo green legs. Bailey let out his hands and tiny clippers nip in the air. The tiny ugly creatures land on my legs and I let out a screeching scream. ‘’ahhhhhhhhhh, what the hell’’. As we hike along the rocks and move them around a big fat crab scattered among the mud. Long fingers capture the big crab and takes it.

As the sun shines on our heads as we move back to the place where we parked all I hear is whispers behind me. The strap of my shorts is pulling. Something tickles my lower back. Bailey had put the ugly crab down my pants! Ahhhh I turn around and nothing was down there but air. It’s still in the bulky firm hands…


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