What am i? Zach Navarro

Cultural identity; I believe cultural identity is a home to you, it should mean no matter where you are or who your with you should always feel like you belong. being accepted to others that are like you.

I wish to learn more about the Japanese culture, it is a beautiful culture and I know very little about it as of right now.

Cultural identity: the feeling is belonging to a group, it is a part of a persons self conception and self perception. It's more of a self esteem thing rather than a literal thing.

I feel like I most identify with the Mexican culture due to the fact that I look more Mexican than Japanese. But I with to be more apart of my Japanese culture as well.

Where exactly is my family from? My family is actually from Kyoto Japan, Kyoto is about 5 and a half hours away from Tokyo Japan.

The language; Japanese is the official language of Japan but also in Kyoto, it is still used in Japan as of today.

Japanese people are characterized of having straight hair and dark eyes. On average they are shorter than European people and have less body fat, facial hair, flatter faces, and smaller noses.

Food; For food what I found was; lunch would be a mean of sushi or sashimi (veggies and fish wrapped usually dipped in sauce ), Ramen- noodles that can be mixed with many of your favorite foods like meet, chicken, beef, and veggies. Tempura-( fried snack), made of seafood and veggies and dipped in soy sauce. Miso soup- (every meal), miso paste, soy beans, pieces of tofu, union, and veggies. Drink would be for any meal there is green tea, Yakutia which is just a drink that isn't really drunken, and sake which is a form of Japanese liquor. My personal favorite food would have to be sushi or potstickers.

Art: Takashi murakami from Tokyo Japan, is famous for his contemporary art he is in the fine arts media and commercial media, he is known for blurring the line between high and low arts. He produced a few movies such as "jellyfish" and "superflat monogram"

Music: a lot of music in the U.S is kinda the same in Japan. Rap is very popular in Japan with rappers such as; Keith ape (age 23),Paa k, Rich Chigga (age 17), and okasain (age 30), they mostly go by the group orca ninjas, which means orca as in the whale and ninjas as in the martial art. However most older folks in Japan still enjoy the sounds of the regular instruments the real music of Japan the accent music. My personal favorite is the rapper KOHH

Popular activities in Japan or Kyoto; karaoke is extremely popular in Japan, other activities would include 24/7 arcades, dinning in a temple, music festively and snowboarding or sking.

Gender roles; Japans society today has no gender roles, they aren as popular but they still exist. For example a girl cooks a "bento" for her favorite guy, she is forced to act pure and innocent. Men forced to obey their lords and women to be loyal to her husbands and family.

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