Paris By MaKayla lanphere


Do you know a city that is large, speaks French and many people visit every year? If you guessed Paris, you are correct. Also, they have delicious food that makes people want to go there.

Food in restaurant

Paris sunset ever night


Fernch people eat a variety of foods. Some of those foods include fresh fruits such as apples, plums, oranges, bananas and pineapple. Also, they eat different meats like roast beef, lamb, turkey and chicken. They have three meals during dinner which are soup, salad and bread. Another thing they eat is a plethora of cheese and bread. The baguette bread is the most popular type of bread in Paris. French people love to eat!


Did you know that the effle Tower is 984 inches tall

Language es

Here are some move thing to learn about people in Paris. Here are some cool language they speck. Here are some move language you different now about them. They speck roman language. Here is a nutter language they speak French. I hope you learned a lot about there language

Sun send in Paris beach

The Eiffel Tower is 129 years old. That a lot

Tourist attractions

When visiting Paris there is a lot to do and see. For example, you can visit the Eiffel Tower. This tall structure has 1,665 steps and people climb to the top. Another tourist attraction is the beautiful beaches and historic villages. A netter thing you can do there is go in the wood and find the landmarks in the wood.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower


Paris is a beautiful city filled with delicious food and fun tourist attractions. Also, you will hear the French language being spoken. Paris would be a great place to visit

Here is a picture of Paris people

Here is a cool fact about there food they have 3 corses

I hope you learned a lot about Paris and all the other things I trod you about


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