Journey Log 3 Ryan Dixon

Ryan Dixon - Malabro

Section 037

Journey Log 3



Another great week has gone by in English 1030. I am thrilled to say that I am going to be able to do my research paper on none other than, Darth Vader. We were introduced to our research papers a little more last week, as we had to complete our proposals. As soon as I found out what we were doing for our papers, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for mine. This is already the second time I have been excited for writing a paper in this course. I do not believe that I can say that about any other English course I have ever taken. I feel very lucky that I got Chris as a professor this semester, because out of all the different sections I could have chosen, I happened to choose his. I am certain that no other English 1030 section would have been better suited for someone like myself. I can relate to the structure of the course very much and I am always looking forward to the next assignment.

We had some very interesting readings about monsters this week. It really peaked my curiosity because I have always wondered why people enjoy horror movies so much. I have never been a huge horror film fan, but some of my closest friends are. I never understood the big appeal until I read “Why We Crave Horror Movies.” It talked about how we all have a bit of insanity in us and when we watch these types of movies, we get to experience that insanity just a little. We also like the adrenaline rush of watching these movies, which the reading compared to how we feel when riding a roller coaster. It also went on to say how when we show positive emotions, we are given positive reinforcement. On the other side, when we show negative emotions, we are punished. It said in the reading that horror films are like a sick joke that appeals to the worst in all of us. I looked a little further and found that Aristotle had even touched on why people crave horror movies. He said something similar to our reading about how we try to purge our negative emotions in a process called catharsis.

As a mage, I also had to read about composite monsters and zombies. I was glad that I had to read about zombies, because I was yet again curious as to why there is such a big appeal among people today. Television shows such as the Walking Dead never really pulled me in like it did to some of my friends. Then after doing the reading, I found out why. Zombies are essentially a metaphor for the never-ending waves of daily tasks. A horde of zombies can be related to a wave of emails that need to be read and replied to. You can never beat all of the zombies because there will just be a new horde tomorrow and the next day and the next day. This can be applied to emails and texts as there will just be more tomorrow that need to be attended to. Not only this, but after I looked a little more on the internet, I found that we have yet another strange craving. This time, it is to see the end of the world. This weird obsession we have with zombies is tied to both of these things and I thought it was rather fascinating to discover this information.

This video was a way of visually showing why we love horror movies so much. It is heavily related to what I said in my journey log but I wanted to give some pictures to go along with it in order to give it more meaning and emphasis in certain parts. The music helps give it the creepy horror film vibe that the video is based on. In the video, I am not trying to say that having a little bit of insanity is a bad thing, because it is not. It is arguably necessary for everyone to be slightly insane. The world would be a boring place if we were all completely sane. 


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