Family Trip To Utah Hannah Cummings

For the summer of 2015, my family took a trip to Utah. Throughout the trip, we stayed in three different towns: St. George, Moab and Richfield. Utah has so many beautiful sights and hikes such as Bryce Canyon National park and Zion National park.
Photos from the trip

These are known as the Hoodoos. Bryce Canyon is filled with these wonderful sights, along with multiple trails that take you through deep down into the valley. The hike is a lot of up hills and down hills, but is completely worth it for this amazing scenery.

One day within our trip, we went horseback riding at Jacob's Cowboy Ranch. Throughout the day, we travelled through many trails within the valleys and mountains of the surrounding area. Within the middle of the ride, we split into two groups: the running group and the trotting group. Even though the day ended with many sore limbs, it was one of the best days of the trip.

This video was shot by Uncle Don and shows my family on a part of the trail.

Another day of the trip, we went on a Hummer tour along one of the Canyons. At one point within the ride, we drove up a very steep hill backwards and at another point we were almost completely vertical while going over a boulder.


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