Carlo Gesualdo By Aly Brown

Born on March 30, 1566 in Venosa, Italy

Spent most of life in Italy, especially Venosa.

His father was prince of Venosa, and mother was the niece of the pope, so he lived in a wealthy home with a royal lifestyle.

Created music as a composer such as "Sento che nel partire", "Non mi toglia il ben mio", and "Candida man qual neve."

Likely had a formal education due to the wealth of his family.

No known patrons.

Mostly represented humanism because of his murders he did not believe that a God choose fate, but rather the people themselves, and idealism because he did not care as much for the physical world but more for emotions such as love.

One famous piece composed by Carlo Gesualdo was "Tristis est anima mea"

Composed in 1611.

You can find this piece on sites like YouTube or preformed by modern day symphonies.

Although this piece was not significant due to the new advancements, the song itself means "sad is my soul" and is written about how he had murdered his wife which is very unique.

I feel that this song represents his guilt and sorrow for the brutal actions he made which he now feels regret. He uses this piece as a way to express his sadness and disappointment in himself through the only way he knows how. Because Gesualdo is known to have had some mental illness I think this song represents his talent and him proving he regrets what he has done.

This piece is most related to humanism because the song is about he had made a decision that caused himself sadness. The song does not refer to shame on the gods for his actions but him himself taking the shame for his murder. He feels guilt on how he has determined his own fate.

I find it interesting that he wrote a song based off the murder of his wife and her lover expressing his sadness about the situation.

Some rumors tell that he was suspected to have "demonic possession"

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