Grant money used towards training employees in process efficiency Dublin City Schools' commitment to efficiency and maximizing taxpayer dollars recently resulted in the completion of several projects expected to save the District time and money. Three different projects were conducted under Nathan Rohyans, Coordinator of Operation Excellence for the District, and Strategic Leadership Solutions.

Lean Six Sigma is a managerial philosophy used by many of the world’s leading private sector companies, including many located within our District. It is a data-driven problem solving methodology resulting in an improved process or outcome when deployed correctly.

Each team consisted of several different staff members, stemming from all departments around the District. At the completion of each project, all 16 staff members were awarded a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Dublin City Schools Employees presenting their findings

Supply Direct Delivery Project: Team: Chelena McConnell, Mark Lehr, Darrin King, Keith Nichols, Crystal Johnson, JP Preston, John Boggs

This team looked at the process of replenishing monthly supplies for our schools (paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.). Historically, over $20,000-30,000 worth of supplies were sitting in our warehouse each day. Team members worked with an outside company to cut this inventory to zero in the warehouse. Each school now has its own inventory supply of 1-2 months at their building. Distributing these supplies to each school saved valuable time, about 250+ hours per year, allowing our warehouse crew to focus on more valuable processes across the District.

HR Status Change Project: Team: John Kimmel, Gale Marsh, Chris McDowell, Lisa Happ, Nikki Hughes

This team mapped out the current state of the "Employee Status Change" process. A 5-Why technique, a form of Root Cause Analysis, was utilized to find causes that were keeping the process from running efficiently. After researching and analyzing, the team designed a new virtual process, eliminating almost 5,000 pieces of paper per year and reducing the total process time by over 50%.

“The best thing about this new process is that it will most likely be used for several other processes and help Dublin City Schools transition to a more universal database for employee information,” said Rohyans.

Coordinator of Operational Excellence Nathan Rohyans gives an update

Student Lock Reconfiguration Project: Team: Brooke Menduni, Chris Martin, Tim Rice, Ken Poorman

This project focused on a current process involving our custodians each summer, usually their busiest time of the year. Each summer, Custodians had to "reset" each locker lock in our District, roughly 10,000 locks. Traditionally, this process took between 25-45 full work days per year to complete. The team brainstormed solutions and came up with a pilot solution that they will implement at Karrer Middle School this school year. This solution uses new locks that are not mounted to the lockers. In this new process, a lock will be assigned to a student in 5th grade that they will keep until 8th grade. When the student returns the lock at the end of 8th grade, it will be recycled back to an incoming 5th grader. If the pilot solution is successful, locks could stay with the student until they graduate high school. This new solution not only saves time for our custodians, but it also saves time for staff members who usually help students every year that forget their combination.

“The best part of my career has always been seeing teams work together on a common goal,” said Rohyans. “This was the first time the District conducted group yellow belt projects and it was inspiring to see members from all departments working together to achieve this. These cost and time saving measures can ultimately be directed back into the classroom to further help our students.”

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