Prophets, Prayers and People By Sofia Podobnik

Nicholas James Vujičić, commonly known as Nick Vujicic, has become known for his talks to large crowds talking about his life without arms and legs (the proper name for the disease is Tetra-amelia.) . He was born on the 4th of December 1982 in Melbourne, to parents Dušanka and Borislav Vujičić. He travels around the world, going to poor parts of the world and seeing how happy children are to see him, that is what make's him. But life was not always perfect for Nick, he got bullied a lot for being different, people would bully him and call him 'alien' for not having arms and legs (Allen & Unwin, 2013). At one stage in his life when he was only ten years old, he tried to commit suicide by laying face down in the bath tub (Allen & Unwin, 2013). At one stage when he was a young child, his parents were deciding wether to put him up for adoption or not. His parents decided not to, as they wanted to be there for him at all times when he was growing up. But he wanted to do things himself instead of his family doing everything for him. And look at him now at how he has achieved. He has gone to Africa and donated so much money to help poor families, he has also won the Young Australian of the Year Award in 1990.

here is nick swimming in hawaii

Prophet isaiah

A prophet that can relate to Nick, is the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah is a messianic prophet. A messianic prophet is the name given to someone if they have had over one hundred predictions. Almost one-third of the bible contains Isaiah visions. The reason why Isaiah is similar to Nick as, Isaiah spoke of God as the Holy (Soerensen, Boyle and Brodbeck, 2017) and that is what Nick does at his speaking engagements. Nick talks about how he thought that his parents did something wrong when he was young and God took his anger out on Nick by giving him no limbs. But Nick found out why when he was young, the reason is, God wanted to give Nick a challenge when he was growing up, which he certainly did. Nick talks about how much he loves God and he would do anything to make God happy. Isaiah did the same thing, he talked to people about how much he loved God and he would do anything for Him. But after he had become strong, he became arrogant to his own destruction and acted treacherously with the LORD, his God. He entered the temple of the LORD to make an offering on the altar of incense (Unknown, 2017).

This is prophet isaiah

How does Nick Vujicic live out his mission?

Nick lives out his mission by doing speaking engagements, going to prisons, churches and schools and raising money for his charity, Life without Limbs. When Nick is at his speaking engagements, he shows people how he falls, then he get back up again without needing any assistance from anyone. At one of his engagements, when he fell a lady ran up to him and asked him if he needed any help getting up and he told her that it was all part of the show. When Nick goes to prisons all around the world, some of the prisoners are not allowed to come out of their cells, which makes Nick upset but he understands why. When Nick did his first tour, he went to a prison and some people were not allowed to come out, but when everyone was singing a song, he heard the people from their cells joining in with everyone else. That made Nick's day. Nick's charity is called 'Life Without Limits.' He named this charity that as, his life has no limits. This charity is really special to him as, it supports him through life without his limbs. The charity also is about, bringing the message of Jesus Christ into peoples lives.

Nick has done so much to help people, he makes people, cry and laugh, he makes people run up to him and hug him and he also makes people love themselves the way that Nick loves him self (Which is a lot). He has met so many celebrities including, Bethany Mota, The royal family, Novak Djokovic, Carolina Parsons and many more celebrities. Nick has made an impact on many people as well, people come to his talks and end up hugging him and thanking him for everything that he has done for them.

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