My trip to an Indian call center Yeahhhhhhhh

As a child I wanted to travel to a new place but I never knew where I wanted to go. But one day my Social Studies teacher taught us about India and I thought man I wanna go there as an adult!

So I started researching India because I wanted to learn more also we had a project to do. So I researched India there population is 1.34 billion. Man that's a lot of people. I was interested if those kids have education like ours. We're they learning about us like we were them? So I looked it up only 11% of kids finish school but if you look at the US 83% of kids finish kids. That really makes you think how much we have that some may take for granted while others can't further themselves as much as we.

Anyways this is my journey. I went to a call center in Delhi called AARV Services Pvt. What goes on in a call center is usuall just people sitting at desks helping others with there Technology problems over the phone.

People working at a Call Center

As I was there I asked what kind of training do you need to have to work here. One explained to need to have a nice greeting attitude and good listening skills. Another person explained that of course you needed experience with Computers/ Technology. In the specific Indian Call centers they need to learn English so they can understand us. It made me wonder they do for us but what do we give in return? Jobs! We give the people working in call centers jobs if we didn't need help those people probably would not have jobs. I was thinking about other things you might need. You need to multi task right? Well sure you do your talking and you need to think like your in front of that computer also you might be doing other things at that moment.

Next I was curious how much do you get paid? I was told pay is different at different positions kinda like the US. So a Retail Manager gets paid $42,641 a supervisor gets paid $50,131 and lastly a inbound manger gets paid $77,762.

Here are some pictures I took

What it looks like by a desk
A higher view of the call center
Some friends I met

How does India have a comparative advantage


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