Cell Wall Nasir england

Q: Why does it have particular folds?

  • A: Improve the efficiency of a variety of processes that occur across a cell's membrane by increasing the surface area available for the proteins that manage those process.

Q: Is it located in a specific place in the cell?

  • A: The Cell Wall is what surrounds the organelles inside. So it is basically located outside the cell.

Q: What’s the organelle’s main focus?

  • A: It has many functions, but its main function is to give the plant cell rigidity and strength.
-The Cell Wall can be compared to the BCIT security. I say this because the Cell Wall protects the inside of the cell from bacteria, diseases, and other dangerous things. Which the security guards at BCIT do too.

Q: How does its structure allow for its function?

  • A: Cell Walls have a hard structure so it prevents bacteria and other diseases from entering the cell.

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