This was for "Semester Portfolio" this was for the final finish for the project and it wasn't that hard honestly it was pretty fun because all you gotta do is take origin picture by you.
"Painting with light" i was so confused on what to do because the other day before that i was sick really bad so i like i really tried to make something but i guess i wasn't thinking.
This is also Painting with light so i tried to write "2017" but i guess when i did it didn't really come out the way i wanted it to but this to much fun honestly i would do it again it was a fun group project.
Same as the one up top from it, this one kinda came out the way i wanted it but it looks kinda odd to me for some reason but it looks okay to me and i would recommend this because it a lot of fun.
This one i really didn't know what i was doing honestly like i think i was lost, hahahah but anyway y'all should do this project.

My artwork is really how i feel inside but even tho like in these picture i showcase it really doesn't show how i feel I'm an alright photographer but you know what they "practice makes better" even tho i have held cameras in my hands throughout my life i still need training because like this one time i went to Arizona for my 1st cousins wedding it was amazing, it was fun, it was crazy but very tiring 1pm to 1am i was a groomsmen but anyway back to the real topic. So i saw this guy i think he was a pro because he had all that rich fancy stuff with him and yes i know they get paid for doing that but that's what made me more inserted in cameras okay back on the topic but the thing that inspired me is that you can do anything with cameras you can shoot in different angles you can use different cameras different tripods it's just a free spirit thing you know and if you really wanna know what it means to me stay tuned because it's coming right up what does it mean to me it means everything to me you save a moment by one single click you can express yourself by the pictures you take you can express about everything by using a camera you can just do anything if you put your mind to it i'm just trying to have fun with it we should have fun when we take pictures because i mean you should always take it serious but to me i wanna keep everything fun and relax


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